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​Watch this, it’s super inspiring! Happy to live in a world where people follow their hearts and passions and live out their dreams. Let’s never lose that.

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The Cali Cap

A person wearing a white with blue cap

We’ve long big upped our home in the Midwest, and now the time has come to start spreading a bit of that love around. The Cali cap was created to celebrate the people, culture and amazing rides of the great state of California.

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Introducing the Electric Queen our 27.5+ Hardtail Ripper

All City Bike against Graffiti

It’s no secret that we at All-City absolutely love mountain bikes. Being out in nature, riding techy terrain, jumping off shit! They’re pretty much the best, and just as we grew with our riders and shops from fixed gear to cross, road, and touring it’s finally time to add a second building block to our MTB line.

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Tiny Hat Society: Clothing & Accessories

A black dog sitting in front of a squading person

Hope you’re coming off of an absolutely banging weekend of bike rides and good times. On this lovely Monday we’re going to hip you to a few new products that we designed to help celebrate our wonderful All-City owners and their club: The Tiny Hat Society.

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The Cream Will Rise!

A photo of a bicycle with industrial background

​Hey Team Space Horse, We've got a hot one for you today, here's the brand new color. While the pics don't really convey it (hey, it was a low light day) the cream paint is sparkly as all get out.

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Intercontinental Cyclocross Championship 2017 - Photos

A group of riders on bicycles and sliding tube

​Well, we did it. We managed to throw our first ever officially official sanctioned (by the USAC no less) cyclocross event. And it was pretty dang awesome. Well, we half did it. In that we’ve got big plans for this thing, but before we get too crazy though, we had to make sure that we could pull it off. This was our proof of concept year, and what we proved was that “races” are cool, but “events” are most definitely where it’s at.

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All City Championship Alleycat Photos!

Person on Stage

It was a rain soaked start to the event which unfortunately kept the fair weather folks indoors, and lead to a smaller than normal turnout. The numbers were down, but the quality was way up as a who's who of riders from all over the globe gave their best to the streets of MPLS over the 30 mile course.

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All-City Intercontinental Cyclocross Championships 9/23

Cyclocross poster

Just wanted to pop our heads up to tell you about a little something that we've been working on over here at All-City. You see, inspired by the amazing time we had at Bike Lore, we wanted to try our own hand at throwing a totally legit sanctioned cross race here in MPLS where the focus is as much on the spectators and their good time as it is on the racers. Something that the whole family would enjoy, and that would bring a bit of that festival / community vibe to our cross scene.

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The Cosmic Stallion Drops 8/2

Black and White Road

Hello party people of Earth, just a friendly note to keep your eyes peeled on our channels for information as we prepare to launch the Cosmic Stallion on 8/2. We will be giving out a little bit more info each week as we near the time of the GREAT REVEALING! Prepare your minds and bodies for this magnificent event.

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All-City in Brief

Woman on Bike

We just wrapped up production for the latest All-City Annual, our yearly photo book, which included the following as a bit of a cheat sheet for those folks who might not be familiar with who we are or what we do...

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Juri’s Custom Macho King

A rider on open road

Team Rider Juri Hanazumi just got his Macho King repainted and built back up and sent over these dope photos of it in process, in motion, and looking spectacular. These are the sorts of things we bug out on. A collaboration of friends creating something truly unique that could only come from that specific group of individuals. Never to be duplicated.

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Hey Free Patch! Introducing the Tiny Hat Society

Tiny Hat Society Patch

We wanted to make an official arm of A.C. dedicated to celebrating the riders who make doing this worthwhile. Clubs are cool, having a posse is cool. Everyone needs a posse. THS is our clique, our crew, our posse. If you're down with AC, we're down with you.

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Campagnolo Equipped Nature Boy

A bicycle by a wall

Hey there bike fans, here's something you just don't see everyday. It's a Campagnolo equipped Nature Boy in the totally under rated white with silver tips paint. This beauty belongs to Mike McGary a good buddy, owner of that really cool skateboard that was owned by Gator, and a man with damn fine taste in bikes.

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Introducing the Classic Jersey and Perennial Bibs!

Two cyclists in industrial background

Some of our very favorite days are new kit days. There's something deeply satisfying about clipping the tags off and sliding into an unsullied pair of new bibs and jersey. Oh the places you'll go together and the goodness of that fresh fluffy chammy! We recently received the shipment of our latest design.

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We are so Stoked that Twin Peaks is Back

But we obviously, can't say nothin' about the new episode since maybe you haven't seen it yet, and we would never do that to you. But this does present a pretty good time to walk down memory lane with the Log Lady video we made last year. Which was released on Twin Peaks day, because, you know. Kismet!

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Solstice Campout 2017

Solstice Campout Flyer

Come join us for the 2nd annual All-City Solstice Ride! Taking place on the longest day of the year, the ride celebrates all that we love about summer in our fair state - cycling, swimming, cold drinks, and friends! We have a group camp reserved at the Lake Elmo Park Reserve campground that boasts plentiful space for tents, hammocks, and open air sleeping.

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Bike Lore Cyclocross Festival - Japan

A rider on the road

Cross racing in Japan, it's really something else and must be experienced to be believed. I don't even think the locals realize just how amazing the scene that they've built is since it's normative to them. To us, with outside eyes, however our time at the Bike Lore festival was a mind blower.

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Breakfast Club - Monthly Ride Series - MPLS

A rider on the open road

Hey MPLS, come ride with us every third Friday for as long as the good weather lasts! Expect a casual pace, meeting up at Angry Catfish at 7:30 and rolling out at 8. Fuel up on pastries and coffee and then we'll hit the streets for a nice Lillydale road loop.

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Photography of Brad Serls

A rider sitting next to a bicycle

Lurking on Instagram as we do, we couldn't help but notice the amount of awesome imagery being produced by @ride_that_trail. We're always stoked when someone is doing rad things on our bikes, even so much more when that person lives on another continent, so of course we reached out to Brad to see if he might be interested in us sharing his photography with the All-City faithful.

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We’re Looking for An Engineer

A group photo in black and white

We've been blessed with spectacular engineering talent over the years and are looking for a talented individual to join up with our powerhouse squad. All-City values inclusivity and diversity, team work, doing good while doing well, supporting the community, riding all the bikes, and having as much fun as possible.

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Cross Bikes Are The Best!

All City Bike on Bridge

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Every cyclist needs a cross bike. Even if you never have any intentions of racing cyclocross, they are still an absolute essential steed for your stable. I was riding the Riverbottoms this Friday enjoying another beautiful sunset from the saddle of my Macho King, and I was struck by how much I love this freaking bike...

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Pony Express Is Now $999

Red All City Bike

Hey folks, just wanted to let you in on the news that available right now at your friendly local All-City dealer you can score that most righteous of steeds, the Pony Express for under (slightly) a grand. That's pretty dang rad if you ask us.

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A Visit to Chequmegon Fat Tire Festival HQ

A poster of a festival

While visiting the Chequamegon area of Northern Wisconsin earlier this January, we took the opportunity to stop by the headquarters of the famous Chequemegon Fat Tire Festival. The catalyst for this visit was the discovery of and subsequent urge to document all of the wonderful prints that were given to the finishers during the late 80's and early 90's. We hoped to find the posters and hear their story, however we ended up discovering so much more...

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All-City Japan Tour: Shop Visit with Blue Lug

A photo of a group of riders

Jumping back into a bit of coverage from our tour to Japan this past December we'd like to take you on a visit to two locations of Blue Lug, which is not only one of the most famous bike shops in the world, but also one of the best. The care with which they have carefully picked the products that they carry, created their own line of goods through both the Blue Lug and Fairweather labels, display their merchandise, and absolutely crush it when it comes to custom bike building...

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End of an Era….Saying Farewell to the Classic Space Horse

Man in red shirt looking over a city

Sometimes, sometimes... Sometimes in life we have to say good bye to an old friend. An old friend, who opened up our world to new possibilities, was our companion down so many long and winding roads, who traveled over life's bumps and potholes, who never let us down, helped us get home safe, and was always down for whatever.

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Stupor Bowl 20 Photos

A group of riders on the road

Early this February the 20th edition of Minneapolis' legendary Stupor Bowl was held. This is the second longest running messenger race in the world and is famously comprised of two classes: Speed and Stupor. The speed race is your typical alleycat affair with a manifest of stops all over our fair city, and the Stupor race adds the twist of requiring racers to pound a beverage at every stop.

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Introducing the Wangaaa! Kit

A couple among black and white balloons

Channeling early 90's skate and surf vibes, old school hippie tech, and a dash of Zubaz We've turned out what we feel is by far our most badass kit to date. Or at least as badass as stretchy bike clothes can be.

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Space Horse Disc Build by Circles Japan

A photo of a bicycle in a city

Check out this sweet build from our friends at Circles bike shop in Japan. It's a Space Horse disc blinged out with the full Chris King treatment and a set of Homage tires. We really haven't seen a whole ton of builds on this frameset yet, so it's really cool that this one came across our plate

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Space Horse Disc - Loaded Touring Video Is Live!

Man in striped shirt

Finally the day is upon us and it's time to unveil the Space Horse Disc video that we made out in the hills of Tahoe. We wanted to show just what our Space Horse is capable of and do so in true All-City fashion. We didn't want to do the pain face, black and white, acoustic guitar, bunch of bros sitting by the fire introspective bike packing / touring thing that has become the norm.

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Customer Builds: Straight Outta GSC

A bicycle saddle with a blue plate

For this edition of Customer Builds, we're going to look at two prime examples spotted while we were in LA hanging out with the fine folks of Golden Saddle Cycery. While show bikes are cool and all, any person with enough cash in their pocket can buy a Red kit, a bunch of Enve stuff, and a Chris King headset and have a really fine bicycle. All that takes is money.

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Loaded Touring Teaser!

A man in striped shirt drinking

We are super excited to finally unveil to the world the video we shot in Tahoe last summer with a handful of our favorite folks in the world. Especially rad because our own team rider SK and our homie Ethan Houser made a banging track for it.

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Good Times in SoCal with the Los Angeles Crew!

All City Rider on Gravel Trail in SoCal

As I'm sure you noticed, Nick and I headed out Southern California a few weeks back to celebrate the launch of the new Mr. Pink with our good friends at Golden Saddle Cyclery and the Radavist. We spent a few days going on group rides, eating pizza, and living the good life in the California sun and 50-70 degree temps.

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Your Mr. Pink Glamour Shots

All City Bike against brick wall

Folks, we just want to say thank you to everyone who made the launch of the new Mr. Pink so dang awesome. To our dealers who threw parties and rides and to the All-City riders who showed the new bike love, you're the best and the reason why we love our jobs so freaking much.

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Check out the new Mr. Pink!

A bicycle against a stone wall

Now being the canny bike connoisseur that you are, you probably noticed something a bit different about this one. That's right: the Mr. Pink now utilizes our forthcoming Super Champ SL road hubs! And they're super badass, because they're super light (hence the SL) and have really terrific bearings that will last a real long time.

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Saku’s Raw Macho Man

White All City Bike

Friends, there's just something about a flat bar cross bike: a perfect blend of speed, shredability, and style that always sets our hearts at All-City aflame. This spectacular example belongs to our buddy Saku, who is the All-City buyer for our distributor in Japan.

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Mr. Pink Release Party Weekend

all city bike on road

If you've had your eyes glued to our Instagram then you're probably aware that next weekend the new Mr. Pink drops for public view. What you might not know is that unlike other product launches where we're all "here's this shiny new thing, but you''ll have to wait a few months to get it," we're trying out something new where your local All-City dealer will actually have it in stock on their sales floor when it goes public.

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All-City Japan Tour 2016: Osaka and Kobe

People standing around Tatami

We're excited to start bringing you coverage of our December tour of Japan. The trip was one of the best travel experiences of my life, meeting so many amazing people and visiting some of the most beautiful places and best bike shops in the world.

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