Green Acres CX 2014, Photos by Young Christian Sundquist

Greeeeeeen Acres! It's probably our biggest, coolest local race. Sited on a tubing hill just east of St. Paul, it's close for spectators from the Twin Cities and a short drive to Wisconsin border for beer on Sunday on the off chance we'd run out. Thanks to our fantastic event organizer, there was no chance of that.

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NSC Velodrome 2014 Opening Night/ Koochella Team Debut

If you’re in the Twin Cities this Thursday (May 22nd), come on up to Blaine for opening night at the NSC Velodrome. Fulton beer will be on tap (proceeds benefiting the NSC Velodrome). Men and women will be turning themselves inside-out for glory and silly prizes. Most importantly: it is the debut of my all-women's track team, Koochella.

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