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Space Horse Build from Cruise Bicycles

A close up of All City Bicycle

Today we're feasting our eyes on this hot little Space Horse built up by the fine folks of Cruise Bicycle + Cafe. The owner of this bicycles has couple of very nice AC Builds that we'll post, but first is this Space Horse which the owner maintains is the best looking in the world. Are they right? 

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Mr. Pink Classic is now $1499

A Mr. Pink Classic bicycle in a garage

No you aren't dreaming, don't bother to rub your eyes, for they do not deceive you. It's true, you can now lay your eager mitts on our sweet high end Columbus Zona road racer for less than fifteen hundred bucks. Yippee! And frames have been reduced to $850. 

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Nature Boy with Killer Internal Dynamo Wiring

A close up of bicycle gear

Today we're digging on the sweet Nature Boy commuter of Jonsey, the owner of Cycles Bespoke in Perth. Cycles Bespoke is one of a handful of shops in Australia fanning the All-City flames, and we're super impressed with how clean this implementation of dynamo cable routing is.

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Introducing the Go-Devil Hubs

A close up image of Go-Devil gear hub

Today, we're extremely excited today to turn loose a new option in the hub market: The Go-Devil. This is our first offering geared hub offerings and we're stoked. The story behind these hubs is that we've been using them for years on our personal bikes.

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New THS X Team Space Horse Gear

A close up of a man's feet with green socks

Hey friends,  Just wanted to let ya'll know that we've added a couple more items to our Tiny Hat Society (our owners club) range. We've got some new socks and a bandanna that celebrate the riders of Team Space Horse. 

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2018 All City Championship Bandit Cross Photos

A rider in the woods

As we prep for Friday's hot Bandit Cross action in MPLS let's take a look back at this Summer's All City Championship Bandit Cross at the infamous Minnehaha course. For those just tuning in, a quick crash course on what Bandit Cross is: It's free cross racing open to all and all kinds of bikes. Free, Open to All, No Bad Attitudes, No Prizes, No Bullshit, No Winners. No Losers. Just an excuse to get out into the woods and have a good time with your friends. 

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Intercontinental Cyclocross Championships 2018 Photos

Winners in Intercontinental Cyclocross Championships

We kicked off the cyclocross season this year in Minnesota with the 2nd Annual All-City Intercontinental Cyclocross Championships. This year the event was held a short ride from downtown Minneapolis at the new trailhead center at Theo Wirth. It's a gorgeous facility and it was a gorgeous day to be outside riding bikes with all your friends. 

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Why’d We Do That: Electric Queen Rigid Fok

Pink bike frame

While we've gotten very good at "doing stuff" over the years, we often aren't very good of explaining "WHY" we did that thing. This article is an attempt to explain our reasoning... Today's topic is the rigid fork on the Electric Queen. We've received a few inquiries from dealers and customers about why we decided to include a rigid fork with the framesets of the new Cyan splatter EQ.

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Hot New Color and Spec of Mr. Pink and Electric Queen

A rider Mr. Pink on offroad

Howdy folks,  Happy Monday! Today we're dropping some good news on you in the form of the return of the steel fork Mr. Pink and a new color and spec of the elusive Electric Queen.  Both models are in stock right now on our dealer's floors so if they move you, no need to wait. 

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Fulton Downtown Thunderdome Photos

Bike Race

Way back on July 20th Minneapolis hosted it's first ever sanctioned Fixed Gear Crit, The Fulton Downtown Thunderdome. Not only was this the first ever sanctioned one, but it was also the State Championship Fixed Gear Crit. I believe this to be the first State Championship FG Crit in the nation. Pretty dang cool. 

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Hey Pittsburgh, Come Hang Out at Thick Bikes With Us

Colorful bike frames

We are writing to you today to let you know that we'd love to meet you and share some good times next month. We're partnering with our friends and longtime dealers Thick Bikes  to show some appreciation for the support you've given us over the years by cordially inviting you to hang out in

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Tracklocross Nationals 2018 - MPLS

Rider in offroad

The last few years a movement has been brewing, spear headed by Resistance Racing in the Bay Area and spanning continents: TRACKLOCROSS! This Spring Resistance organized an nationwide series (plus Japan) of local Tracklocross races with each city sending its winners to Minneapolis for the final showdown. The rules were simple, all racers must ride a fixed gear bike, in order to qualify for the podium you had to be brakeless. 

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Eric Koston’s Gorilla Monsoon

A bicycle with yellow frame

So stoked on this. As anyone who grew up skating or watching skate vids would be. Eric Koston, the name amongst names. Considered by many to be the greatest street skater of the modern era and a person with a growing passion for riding bikes. 

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2018 All City Championships - W/T/F Riders Receive Free Entry

A bicycle poster

Our Brand Manager Jeff (that's me) is once more organizing the brand's namesake bike party weekend through his Bike Jerks imprint , the All City Championships. To further our goals of helping to build a more inclusive cycling community, for our sponsorship this year we have once again committed to paying the entry fees for all women / trans / femme riders. So if you're thinking you'd like to join in, please do, the good times are on us.

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Custom Macho King Headbadge

A long haired man with headbadge

We love nothing more than when folks really get into customizing their All-City, and every once in a while those customizations really blow our minds. This amazing custom headbadge from Steve W. made by Cline's Custom Metal Designs made us feel all the things. It's unique, awesome, and truly makes his bike one of a kind. Drink it in. 

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The Check Yo’ Self Cap

A jumping rider

New cap in classy pink checkers that we're calling "Check Yo' Self" because of course we are. Baby pink goodness made by Pace caps in Los Angeles, California. In stock now, tell your momma, tell your sister, tell your sisters friends. 

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All-City & Fulton Brewing - Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together!

2 cans of Cosmic Stallion beer

As you may know, for years now we've been real tight with the homies at Fulton Brewing. They sponsor our local racing team, All-City X Fulton, let us host product releases at their taproom, and generally hook us up with beer whenever we ask. In exchange, we sing their praises and work to ensure that as many thirsty cyclists as possible whet their whistles with a fine Fulton beer. 

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Electric Boogaloo Kits Have Arrived

A man with black t-shirt and a cap with blue logo

Spring means new kit season here at All-City, and today we'd like to introduce you to our new stretchy riding outfit, the Electric Boogaloo kit. As always it's a fully optimized and realized clothing system with jersey, bibs, socks, and a matching tiny cap.

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Introducing the AC X Topo Designs Handlebar Bag

A rider and a yellow orange handlebar

As Gorilla Monsoons are making their debut on our dealers floors we’re adding to the mania by dropping this hot collabo number! We buddied up with our good friends at Topo Designs to create a sweet color matched handlebar bag for the Gorilla Monsoon. (or for any bike for that matter)

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All-City X Topo Designs Bag Launch - Denver

A poster in orange background

Come hang out with us on Friday April 6th as we celebrate the launching of our collaboration with Topo Designs and the Gorilla Monsoon onto dealers floors. We're not saying exactly what this collaboration product is, but it does compliment the Gorilla Monsoon very nicely.

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New Additions to the Team!

A rider holding up a bicycle

We are proud to announce new additions to the All-City family. We've recently added four new monsters to our team of ambassadors, and, to a person, they are all certified bad asses on the bike and total flipping sweethearts off of it. Let's meet the new faces....

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Creation Process: Gorilla Monsoon

A rider in offroad

​With the release of the Gorilla Monsoon, and because folks love getting peeks behind the curtain, we figured that now would be a great time to talk a bit about our design process and how we go about creating a new model.

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Today We Introduce the Gorilla Monsoon

Bike Riding in the woods

Today All-City takes another step toward a brighter future with the introduction of the Gorilla Monsoon. You can head over to the web page <---------- to find out all about what it is, but for this post we'd like to talk a little bit more about "why" it is.

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All-City X Deer Jerk: Artist Collaboration

A close up of someone signing an artwork

We are proud to announce our latest artist collaboration project with Bryn Perrott, aka Deerjerk. It’s been an initiative for us to partner with talented artists around the country and showcase their work on some sweet All-City merch. Bryn makes woodcuts inspired from classic tattoo flash and folk art. Let’s take a little dive into the mind of Deerjerk

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Why We Discontinue Models…

A photo of a bicycle with white background

This is a topic that's been on our mind lately as we've recently heard from a number of Space Horse and Nature Boy rim brake owners who are bummed to see their beloved model leave our lineup.

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