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Cosmic Stallion Beer is Now A Thing and We Can’t Shut Up About It

   Last modified: February 4, 2021

Cosmic Stallion Beer is Now A Thing and We Can’t Shut Up About It

I mean... Dang, we are just too stoked. We have our own beer, how cool is that? 


And it's a really good beer too. Our Sales Manager Nate is one of those homebrew beer snob types who really only likes the hoppy stuff. In my opinion it's sort of like those record collectors who are basically after the rarest thing they can get their hands on that is somewhat listenable. Beer dorks just want the hoppiest possible thing that they can choke down. It's an arms race, a measuring contest. "That's nothing my beer has 180million IBU's!" (It's fun to tease Nate since he's our resident long hair / sandals afficionado and this weekend is his 30th Birthday, Hoppy Birthday bud (see what I did there?)) Anyway, Nate likes that sort of beer and to be fair, lots of other folks do too. 

Others on the team like a mellower chill beer, especially for Summer. Where I'm going with this is that our resident beer expert was not at all excited about the idea of our partner beer, with our friends at Fulton Brewing, being a Citrus Wheat. He said "any style but that ," he was ready to hate it. And....One sip and he was surprised and won over. Cosmic Stallion is not a weak willed banal wheat beer as he had feared. 

It's a well balanced beer that is actually pretty hop forward but that hoppiness is complimented to perfection with the citrus creating a lovely warm weather beach beverage.

But don't take our word for it. It is currently hitting shelves in Minnesota, and it's likely to make it's way to other states where Fulton is sold. It's a limited edition Summer thing, so get on it. 


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