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NSC Velodrome 2014 Opening Night/ Koochella Team Debut

If you’re in the Twin Cities this Thursday (May 22nd), come on up to Blaine for opening night at the NSC Velodrome. Fulton beer will be on tap (proceeds benefiting the NSC Velodrome). Men and women will be turning themselves inside-out for glory and silly prizes. Most importantly: it is the debut of my all-women's track team, Koochella.

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Thunderdome Prebook is Live

If you want to lay hands on a Thunderdome when they hit this December (and believe me, you do), the prebook just went live and we'd like to encourage you to get in touch with your local bike shop and have them reserve one for you. Thunderdome MSRP $650 Competition Velodrome Frameset

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