Product Development: Big Block Number 1

The other day I was messing around with my winter bike / fixed gear commuter, the first ever All-City frame Big Block prototype number 1. This thing has seen 4 winters now and keeps going strong. I figured I'd take the opportunity to shoot some photos and show how the bike has evolved over the years.

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Drag Thunder Bangkok

Our partners over in Thailand, Brothers Bike, sent over this video of one of their riders cruising the streets on a Big Block. check it out!

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Big Block - Summer and Winter

To say that I am proud of the Big Block is an understatement. It was the first major proprietary undertaking from our then fledgling brand, and it is the bike that over the last three years I have spent the most amount of time on. I love the thing. It is/was the perfect track bike for my lifestyle. I understand if it isn't everyone's ideal, but for a certain type of rider or a certain type of climate, it is the absolute business.

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