All-City Japan Tour:Tempra Cycle

It's finally time to get back to sharing coverage of our 2014 Japan tour. It's been too long. Today we'll showcase Tempra Cycles, a super rad little shop that only sells Keirin bikes and All-City's. This is the only shop I know of who's only new bike line is us. (And we feel pretty great about that) The other and possibly way more interesting tidbit about the shop is that at night it transforms in the Handlebar. A little corner drinking spot.

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Shop Visit: Bicycle Revolutions

Wrapping up the posts from my trip to Philly earlier this month, here are some pics of one of my favorite shops, Bicycle Revolutions. They've been an AC dealer since the early days of the brand, and Heather and Bryan (the proprietors) have become dear friends as well as big supporters. This was the first time I've been to town since they moved down the street. Check it out!

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All of All-City at The Hub Westbank

The other day I stopped in at The Hub's Westbank location to check out their new All-City display. They're now stocking pretty much every size of every complete bike we make, so if you're looking to test ride and buy.

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Shop Visit: Mosquito Bikes

One of the shops that I was most stoked to see was Mosquito Bikes. I've heard a lot about this shop from our UK distro, and have been seeing their ads in Rouleur for a long time now. They sell quality brands, and we've been working on them for a while to pick up the AC line.

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