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New Additions to the Team!

New Additions to the Team!

   Last modified: March 13, 2018

New Additions to the Team!

Leo Rodgers Photo by Jordan Hicks

We are proud to announce new additions to the All-City family.

We’ve recently added four new monsters to our team of ambassadors, and, to a person, they are all certified bad asses on the bike and total flipping sweethearts off of it.

Let’s meet the new faces….

We’ll give you the quick low down here, but we encourage you to click on their names for their complete bio info.

Tenzin Namdol
Namz is a former Blackburn Ranger and will be holding down the good vibes on the touring, exploring, bike packing end of things for AC. She’s one of the main protagonists for the WTF Bikexploreres Summit that’s being organized and is an active lecturer on the topic of environmental activism.

Namz Instagram

Jolene Holland Nevejolene by eldivad1
Photo by Eldivad1

We’ve been fans of Jolene since forever, as she was a huge proponent of All-City during her shop days in Omaha. She’s since moved to Austin, where she’s become a fixture on the racing and organizing scene, and this year started Ultra Violet racing, an All-City backed squad of W/T/F shredders. She’s a Cat 1 cross racer, and an inspiration to all of us who pin numbers on in balancing the killer instinct with putting community first.

Jolene’s Instagram

Gabbi Shelton
Photo by Thomas Adams

Gabbi’s our new gravel ace, hailing straight out of Stillwater, OK. She loves the big distances and chooses to ride them on a single speed. In fact in 2016 she was the Gravel World’s single speed winner. Look for her at Dirty Kanza, Land Run 100 and others this year aboard her singled out Cosmic Stallion.

Gabbi’s Instagram

Leo Rodgers
2017 U.S. Paracycling Track National Championships

Leo is the world record holder in the 200m Time Trial in the Paralympics, he wrenches for our dealer City Bike Tampa, and crushes alleycats as well. He’s currently working toward the goal of winning a gold medal at the Track and Road 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. His dream is to use his sporting success to launch a career as a motivational speaker so that his story can inpsire others.

Leo’s Instagram

Welcome to all of the new members to our family, you inspire us, and we’re stoked that we can help you live your best lives.


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