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Gabbi Shelton Completes DKXL on her Single Speed Cosmic Stallion

   Last modified: February 4, 2021

Gabbi Shelton Completes DKXL on her Single Speed Cosmic Stallion

Our own Gabbi Shelton was one four women and fourteen total finishers at the Dirty Kanza XL, a 350 mile gravel race across Kansas. Making the feat even more impressive, she did it all single speed aboard her trusty Cosmic Stallion. 

Congrats Gabbi! We're so proud of  you. 

Here are some shots of her setup.






Photos by Thomas Adams

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Jay O. Hughes

July 4, 2018

Such an awesome job!! Congrats!! Two questions on the bike set-up..what gearing did you run to allow you to have proper chain tension without a tensioner?  Second, what set-up is that for the aero-bars?  I have never seen a set-up like that and would love to have something like that on my bike!!  Thank You!!


July 16, 2018

She’s running an eccentric BB to allow single speed.

Aerobars have become pretty popular among the gravel set. it adds another position and is awesome when riding into a headwind.

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