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All-City X Deer Jerk: Artist Collaboration

   Last modified: February 4, 2021

All-City X Deer Jerk: Artist Collaboration

Questions asked by A/C Art Director Saisha Harris.
Artist Supplied Photos by Cassie Lopez

We are proud to announce our latest artist collaboration project with Bryn Perrott, aka Deerjerk. It’s been an initiative for us to partner with talented artists around the country and showcase their work on some sweet All-City merch. Bryn makes woodcuts inspired from classic tattoo flash and folk art. Let’s take a little dive into the mind of Deerjerk.


What’s your backstory? Where ya from? How’d ya get here?

I was born in the Pittsburgh area, then moved to Barnard, Vermont until I was three. Then I moved to Morgantown, West Virginia and I’ve lived here since. I have a BFA in printmaking from WVU that I earned in 2004. After that I worked a series of jobs, projectionist at an old theater, cashier at a college store called The Den (which sold cigarettes, beer, records, food, porn, poster…you name it) and a tattoo shop called Wild Zero. I work there for eight years up until late 2015. At that point, I became a self employed artist. And that’s my current status of employment.


How did you find your passion for art? Explain your evolution as an artist.

I’ve always made some form of art for as long as I can remember. I didn’t really have to find a passion for it, it just kind of was. Most of what I do centers around printmaking. The woodcuts I make are or could be printmaking woodblocks, but I choose to show them as stand alone pieces. So I suppose the evolution would be from printmaking to just making the blocks and perfecting that aspect.


Explain your creative process.

It depends on whether I’m working on a commission or a personal piece. For commission work, its a little more rigid in process because I’m making something for someone with specific requests. Personal work is usually a little more loose and might start with lots of messing around in a sketchbook without a specific goal in mind other than a general direction.

I’ll break down a commission piece. First I make a drawing containing the requested images. The drawing is rarely as complicated as the final carving. I take that drawing and make a enlarged version of it on my copier. I use that stencil to cut the wood shape. After that wood form is made, I paint in black and use the stencil again to transfer the image to the wood with a transfer paper. From there I carve the image. Again, I usually add more detail as carve. And finally I finish the woodcut with a polyacrylic.


What inspires you? Who are your heroes/heroines?

Inspirations- Any kind of folk art, from any part of the world. Tattoo images (could also be classified as folk art) Animals and plants, Other current working artists.


Real- David Sedaris

Fictional- Ellen Ripley, George Bailey

Tell us about your relationship with your bicycle.

Considering I don’t drive a car, riding a bike is fairly important. I can run small errands or just enjoy myself. I would love if Morgantown was a little more bike friendly. I’m really really enjoying my new Space Horse! It’s so fancy compared to my single speed (which I love too) and make the hills less problematic.

Tell us about your relationship with your cat/s.

Cats are the animal for me, though I love all animals.

I have two cats, Mole (a gray polydactyl female cat) and Rama (a long haired tabby male cat) Both were strays before coming to live with me. If you want a cat, there are plenty in the world and they will find you, as these two found me. Working from home is great but it does get a little weird and lonely at times. Cats make really great company. They’re self sufficient animals so they don’t need all my attention but will hang out near me as I work. I definitely talk to them throughout my day.

What are you listening to right now?

Trixie Mattel’s new album Two Birds. It’s a really solid country album.

Fave food?

Sour Haribo gummy bears, Pho, and smoked gouda cheese. Does espresso count as a food? If so, let’s add that to the list.

Fave tattoo? Story behind it?

My favorite tattoo is my Moomin Troll tattoo. I was in Helsinki, Finland for a tattoo convention and was able to get a Finnish tattooer to tattoo the Moomin Troll. (moomin troll stories and comics are from Helsinki, Finland.)

If you were an animal, what would you be?

I would obviously pick some type of cat, maybe a Pallas cat. But i’d say I look more like a llama or an Afghan hound.

What’s your super power?

Losing things in a public area, often far from home and then finding them again. Oh, and flying. I can fly.

Thanks, Bryn. We stoked to have you riding an All-City and to introduce a cap, water bottle and long-sleeve tee featuring your work. You can find these unique items at your local bike shop or

Follow Bryn on Insta @deerjerk or purchase her woodcuts here

Check out the fruits of the collaboration below.

All-City X Deer Jerk Cap

All-City X Deer Jerk Longsleeve

All-City X Deer Jerk Bottle

All items are in stock now. Hit up your local AC Dealer

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