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Introducing the Electric Queen our 27.5+ Hardtail Ripper

Introducing the Electric Queen our 27.5+ Hardtail Ripper

   Last modified: December 19, 2017

Introducing the Electric Queen our 27.5+ Hardtail Ripper

First pop some corn, kick back and let the ridiculousness wash over you

Hope you had fun watching the video, I know we had a ton of fun making it.

Now on the topic of our new Mountain Bike, here’s a little of the why behind it.

It’s no secret that we at All-City absolutely love mountain bikes. Being out in nature, riding techy terrain, jumping off shit! They’re pretty much the best, and just as we grew with our riders and shops from fixed gear to cross, road, and touring its finally time to add a second building block to our MTB line. Meet the Electric Queen! <-------click for specs and all that jazz

Let’s tick the boxes: 27.5+ tires, Boost spacing, stealth dropper routing, short chainstays, aggressive head tube angle, and the durability and beauty of high quality steel.

As always our mission is to bring beauty and detail back into production bikes and we’re doing that with our custom thru-axle dropouts, splatter paint scheme, nicely detailed head tube gusset, and trick stealth cable routing.

Before you even think it, know that this is not a Log Lady with gears. It’s a totally different beast. While the Log Lady was built as a cross country single speed race bike, the Electric Queen features a 67.5 head tube angle, plus size tires, the aforementioned stealth dropper routing, thru-axles, and is decidedly what those in the mtb biz call a “Trail” bike. In that it goes up, almost as well as it comes down, and loves to wheelie, play, and pop off every trail obstacle in your path.

We’ve been riding it for the better part of a year now on terrain in California, Utah, Colorado and Minnesota. We’ve done back country adventures, shuttle runs, bike parks and city thrash sessions and this bike has thoroughly won our hearts over. It’s especially perfect for the urban rides where we leave our houses, cruise some parks, take some dirt shortcuts, and hop on the bandit trails on our way to the sanctioned mtb’ing.

If you’re looking for a bike to help you take in the whole world of mountain biking the EQ is a great choice. The large tires help it tackle the gnarly, the hardtail frame is an efficient climber, it loves to play and jump, and it requires significantly less hassle and maintenance than a full suspension rig. You can tackle the trails, park, or even off-road touring. In fact, when paired with the forthcoming rigid fork it transforms into a thoroughly competent bike packing or winter rig.

The Electric Queen arrives at our dealers in January and is available as a frame for $750 or a complete for $2299.

Bike World - San Antonio
Bicycle Outfitters - Grand Junction
Hub - San Marcos
Tonka Cycle & Ski - Hopkins
Joe’s Bike Shop - Baltimore
Wheel and Sprocket - Hales Corners
Outdoor Motion - Hutchinson
Angry Catfish - MPLS
Cycleast - Austin
Bicycle Business - Sacramento
Bikenetic - Church
Western Bikeworks - Portland
World of Bikes - Iowa
Bicycle Revolutions - Philly
Thick Bikes - Pittsburgh
Transit Bicycle Company - Dallas
Pedal - LIttleton
Hub Cyclery - Bend
City Bike Tampa - Tampa
NYC Velo - Hells Kitchen Location
Old Spokes Home - Burlington
Saturday Cycles - SLC
Carytown Bicycle Company - Richmond
Kissing Crows - Vancouver
Comrade Cycles - Chicago
Coast in Bikes - Milwaukee
Velo - Phoenix
Goldfinch Cyclery - Cedar Rapids
Team Dream Team - Pasadena
Urbane Cyclist - Toronto

Defiance Bicycles - Tacoma

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