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Introducing the Classic Jersey and Perennial Bibs!

   Last modified: February 4, 2021

Introducing the Classic Jersey and Perennial Bibs!

Some of our very favorite days are new kit days. There's something deeply satisfying about clipping the tags off and sliding into an unsullied pair of new bibs and jersey. Oh the places you'll go together and the goodness of that fresh fluffy chammy! We recently received the shipment of our latest design. A new Classic jersey and Perennial bibs, which have been many years in the making.


Let's talk more about the bibs as getting them right has been a multi-year process.

You wouldn't believe the hoops we had to jump through to finally get access to a bib short that utilizes all black lycra. You see, in order for a bib short to be printable, they are most often white lycra that is then sublimated black. This means that when the fabric is stretched taut over some massive cyclist thighs you get what is called in the fabric trade "grin." I'm sure you've all seen this, where the stretched material takes on an almost grey appearance. In some cases from behind you might even be able to see through to their butt crack, and no one wants to see that.  Well, most folks anyway don't want to see that.

See what we're saying?

The new Perennial bib suffers from none of that grin issue and is intended to become a staple of any cyclists wardrobe. Being a neutral design allows it to pair well with any jersey you might own and the chamois is CyTech's amazing Endurance 2 Carbonium (Yes, carbonium. We have no idea what that means either) specifically intended for comfort during long days in the saddle. They've become an instant go-to for our team and we're especially stoked to pair them with the wool jerseys that we own.

The only branding on the piece is in the traditional left leg location, to make sure that you can wear whatever top you want without feeling like you're crossing beams.

Paired here with a wool offering from a few year's back.

Paired with our California Fade hoodie

The plan is for this to be an item we keep in the line for a long time, hence the name, and we will be updating the Classic jersey periodically to keep things fresh. 

So about that new jersey. (New Jersey? Smells like an old jersey, hah!)


After a multi-year hiatus we're bringing back the Classic jersey, this time in brand blue. The idea is minimal branding, classic styling. It's a nice counterpoint to the Wangaaa! kit which is a bit over the top, if we're being honest with ourselves. So for you more subdude folks, here ya go!


It's got our Cutters font branding on the front and back, with a nice little shoulder detail. Other than that it's just simple and clean. If you already own a pair of our Classic bibs this jersey will pair perfectly with them to give you a fresh update to your outfits without having to buy a complete kit. 

Shoulder detail

As always, the jerseys and bibs are available in both women's and men's cuts and are supplied to us by Pactimo, whom we are proud to partner with. Their stuff is absolutely top notch. 

The most exciting part of this for us is getting back to building our "cyclist's warddrobe" line. The idea, imparted to us year's ago by our good friend and proprietor of GSC, Kyle Kelley, is that whenever possible riding clothes should be made to work with items that already exist in a rider's collection. Both of these pieces accomplish this, as the bibs can virtually be paired with anything, and the jersey works very well with any mostly black shorts you may have, and with much of our output over the last several years. 

This morning I found myself wearing a long sleeve wool, the Perennial bib, a vest from three years ago and our Mid socks that were brought into the line six years ago. Several generations of clothing working together perfectly. It was awesome, and the kind of value that we hope to bring to the folks who spend their hard earned money on stuff from AC. Now, not everything will fall into that, as Saisha long ago told us that "not everything can be black or blue, that's boring." But we'll work to give you that sort of cross-functionality whenever we can. 

Anyhoo, we're stoked to make these available to you, they are in stock now and ready for you to put to the test. If you're gonna ride a bike, you might as well look sharp doing it. Jerseys are $120 and Bibs are $130.

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