A Visit to Chequmegon Fat Tire Festival HQ

A Visit to Chequmegon Fat Tire Festival HQ

   Last modified: March 30, 2017

A Visit to Chequmegon Fat Tire Festival HQ

Race organizer Gary Crandall reflects on past races and champions

It's not all fixies and whip skids over hear, we love bicycle culture in all it's forms, especially when it's local. Here's an article that I wrote for my personal blog, that I thought you might enjoy checking out. Let's dig a little deeper into Midwest MTB history.

While visiting the Chequamegon area of Northern Wisconsin earlier this January, we took the opportunity to stop by the headquarters of the famous Chequemegon Fat Tire Festival. The catalyst for this visit was the discovery of and subsequent urge to document all of the wonderful prints that were given to the finishers during the late 80's and early 90's. That story began hereWe hoped to find the posters and hear their story, however we ended up discovering so much more...

When the formative days of mountain biking are discussed, it's usually the West Coast that gets all the love. However the story of mtb'ing in the Midwest has deep roots as the new past time quickly ingratiated itself to folks who had long been riding whatever bikes they had on the dirt roads and snowmobile trails of their local wilderness. I am super stoked to be able to share a little bit of this history with you.

We met up with Gary Crandall, who has been the race director every year since the inaugural running in 1983, to take a peek at the momentos, souvenirs, and to engross ourselves in the history of this event, which for decades held the distinction of being the largest and one of the most prestigious mountain bike races in the world.

The race itself takes place on the same hallowed terrain as the world renowned American Birkebeiner. As such, its course is very much a throwback to the early days of mtb'ing as it's a double track affair. In the last 15 or so years the race's prestige and place has seemed to dim a bit, although it still manages to pull 2500 racers each year, and is considered a right of passage for riders in these parts. I hope you enjoy this tour through some unique MTB history.

Outside of the offices in Cable, WI


Signs for the famous Seeley Firetower climb, one of the course's signature obstacles sit outside the shed waiting for a bit of maintenance

The posters that originally drew me to find out more about the race's history


Sara Balbin, the artist behind the posters and Gary's partner in life


Results from the first running of the event in 1983 won by Jeff Peterson

The four wheeler lead out has been a calling card of the event for decades

A prime example of a common memento around the office: a hand drawn card hoped to influence the race organizers to grant entry into the event

Test prints for event t-shirts

This one holds a special place in my heart as I'm lucky enough to actually own one of these long sleeve t-shirts

Gary holding court

Geno the first winner to hoist the 40lb trophy over their head

Sara Balbin also made these amazing and iconic trophies

Jerseys from past winners and supporters of the event

Lemond looms large as the winner in '90 and '91


Gary's nickname is "Fat Man" in case you were wondering

"Cable Beer & Gear Brigade"




This photo is from 1983, here Gary points out a rider



These posters are so dang great! Very distinctive style.


Doug Kruse who's image pops up over and over again on the race's posters and artwork








Poster from year one

Thanks for having us Gary and sharing your stories!

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