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Check out the new Mr. Pink!

   Last modified: February 4, 2021

Check out the new Mr. Pink!

We are super excited to bring you the latest edition of our killer road bike. 

Now being the canny bike connoisseur that you are, you probably noticed something a bit different about this one. That's right: the Mr. Pink now utilizes our forthcoming Super Champ SL road hubs! And they're super badass, because they're super light (hence the SL) and have really terrific bearings that will last a real long time. While they aren't yet available as a stand alone product, they soon will be...

Just kidding, well not really since it does use our turbo awesome brand new Super Champ SL hubs, we know what you really want to know about is that fork. Well here's the deal with that...

While we absolutely were in love with our steel fork, many folks wanted a lighter carbon option. In fact, they wanted a carbon fork on their Mr. Pink so badly that they were willing to put a moustache on our Mona Lisa and totally screw up all of the really cool things about the Mr. Pink.

You see, the Mr. Pink is a mid-reach road bike for a darn good reason, so that it can tackle any road you may want to ride upon. When we introduced the bike in 2011 folks didn’t understand why you’d want to run 32c tires on a road bike. Thankfully today, with the popularity of gravel and this whole "all-road" movement, people now get why we originally did that so many years ago. Of course to gain that clearance we needed to use a fork that was a bit longer in the axle-to-crown dimension than your standard road fork and utilized a mid-reach brake.

However mid-reach road caliper carbon forks were like hens teeth and so these folks resorted to using traditional short reach road forks. In essence, they negated the premise of the bike by limiting themselves to 28c tires in front, messing up the carefully created geometry, and then also suffered the indignity of having to use a short reach caliper up front and a mid in the rear. We knew we had to do something, so we partnered with our homies at Whisky Parts Co. to create a perfect companion to our frame. One that would preserve the tire clearance, handling geometry, and allow for a matching pair of brakes front and rear.

The carbon fork saves 1.45lbs over our steel version and will be available from Whisky in black, with a small run of 30 pink painted forks to match our last generation of frames available from All-City.

Steel Mr. Pink Fork: 1060g
Carbon Whisky No. 7 Road Plus: 404g

Look for a forthcoming blog post from our Product Manager Nick on how he made this long time wish of his come true.

You can view the full stats on the new Mr. Pink here.

The MSRP of this bad jamma is: $999 for the frameset, and $2200 for the complete.

But the best part is that they are available right now at your local AC dealer, in fact these shops definitely totally have them: 


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January 14, 2017

So… does the fork have fender eyelets?


January 17, 2017

Will the hubs be offered in silver?

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