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Holy Heck! We’ve got Bar Tape and Lock-on Plugs

   Last modified: February 4, 2021

Holy Heck! We’ve got Bar Tape and Lock-on Plugs


You're not dreaming. No need to pinch yourself, this is all really real. After years of having riders ask us for bar tape to perfectly suit their All-City builds we're finally delivering. What took so dang long you ask?

Well, in typical All-City fashion we're not putting anything out that we're not in love with. Just as it took years to finally find a women's bib that met our team's expectations, so too did it take a whole lot of samples and back and forth to find a bar tape that we'd be stoked to put our name upon. Do you want it right? Or right now?  

So what are we offering? Is this the most question marks ever in an All-City blog post? ????


The bar tape is dang good. It's of the cushioned silicone variety which we prefer over traditional cork. Why? Because it's got better grip, texture, thickness, and is way more durable. We're offering it in black, white, and red presently.


The best part though is that not only do you get AC certified pretty dang great bar tape, but we're also including lock-on bar end plugs with it. Which is the best deal in the history of bar tape. Because for $30 you get it all. Most other silicone tapes cost way more than that and you get those little jab in plug deals that your'e always losing anyway.

Of course if you just want the cool lock-on plugs we're selling those separately for the price of fifteen bucks. 


Available at elegant All-City Cycles dealers right meow!

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