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All-City Hiroshima Fun Meeting

   Last modified: February 4, 2021

All-City Hiroshima Fun Meeting

One of our great joys as a company is spreading the stoke and good vibes around the world. No where is that taking place more so than in Japan, where we are lucky enough to have started to develop a strong following thanks to the work of our distro Motocross Intl. (the owner Rie, is one of the most badass people we have ever met, she organized the first bmx event ever in Japan in the late 70's and is hugely responsible for that movement taking off there), and our sponsored riders Koshi and Juri. If you've been paying attention to our social media, you've no doubt seen plenty of coverage of Koshi as he regularly sends us amazing photos of him crushing it on one of his AC's.

Recently he helped organize a "Fun Meeting" in Hiroshima with other local All-City riders. Having visited the city a few year's back on our Japan tour it very much made me miss the beauty of this place which is now officially dedicated to peace, they even took the ferry to Miyajima!

I don't know the whole story as I don't read Japanese, but it looks like they had a real good time, and the pictures are cute as all get out.

Meetup at Grumpys Cycle Shop!



Tickets for the ferry to Miyajima.



the crew

Miyamima is famous for it's deer population which has no fear of tourists.


No ride is complete without snacks


At the epicenter of the explosion in the heart of the city. A beautiful and sad place.



If you'd like to see the original Japanese blog post, click here.

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