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The More You Know: Dressing for Success

I figured I'd spice up the blog a helpful little article on commuting apparel. It's spring here in Minnesota, which is pretty much the best season of the year. The snow has melted, and people are emerging from their seasonal depression into the bright sunlight of the oncoming summer. The mornings have typically been in the mid 30's with the afternoon's in the low 50's.

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Introducing the Nature Boy All-City’s Single Speed Cyclocross Racer

As you may or may not have heard, this weekend we dropped the curtain on our newest creation, a single speed steel cyclocross race bike. My big plan was to post a nebulous photo of the cable routing on Friday to whet your appetites (sp?) for the whole bike photos to come after the show. Obviously that didn't happen but here is what it would have looked like

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