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Nature Boy Disc Dropout:  Finessing the Form

Sorry for the massive delay between posts. I wrote this post, accidentally deleted it, and then a big pile of deadlines got in the way. Had to work on team stuff. Excuses, excuses. But I think you'll find that this installment is well worth the wait because of: New Sales Guy Adam-Enhanced Photography!

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Frostbike Preview:  The Unsung Hero

We got some nice feedback on my last Design Process blog entry on the upcoming All-City seat collar, a part that I said “most people will never think twice about.” Let’s see how cool you think this next one is- a part we developed that I guarantee most people will never even think once about because it was specifically designed to be as minimal and as forgettable as possible: The Double-Guide.

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Frostbike Preview:  When Frame Candy Takes Too Long

Sometimes, a project goes on for way too long. This can happen because of performance issues, or tooling issues, etc. Sometimes, though, it takes too long because the All-City team, a passionate and opinionated group of people, agonizes over how pretty it is. And sometimes, this agony is over a part of a frame that most people will never think twice about. Enter: The All-City Seat Collar

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