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Mr. Pink Release Party Weekend

Mr. Pink Release Party Weekend


Mr. Pink Release Party Weekend

Party People of Earth,

If you've had your eyes glued to our Instagram then you're probably aware that next weekend the new Mr. Pink drops for public view. What you might not know is that unlike other product launches where we're all “here's this shiny new thing, but you''ll have to wait a few months to get it,” we're trying out something new where your local All-City dealer will actually have it in stock on their sales floor when it goes public. Which is something we're pretty darn excited about.

In addition, many of our shops are planning little shindigs to celebrate this new wunderbike. Here is a list of AC shops who will have them on the floor:

Montano Velo, Bicycle Revolutions, Transit Bicycle Company, Ace Metric, 718 Cyclery, Angry Catfish, Loose Nuts Cycles, Huckleberry Cycles, Cycle Quest, Cycleast, City Bike Tampa, Joe's Bike Shop, Bike World, King Kog Brooklyn, Spoked Bikes & Stuff, Bicycle Space, Transit Cycles, Thick Bikes, Counterbalance Bicycles, Bike Doctor Frederick, GPP Cycling and Multisport, The Community Bicyclist, Box Dog Bikes, Golden Saddle Cyclery, City and County Bicycle, and Halcyon Bike Shop.


Kissing Crows


Rule 5 Bikes, Bicycle Ambulance, Cloud 9 Cycles


TAS Cycle, avelo Bicycle shop, I.D.E Store, Bluelug, Circles, Cycle Garden, Grumpy, Jitenshakoboh imai (Toyotacity Aich).

On top of that sweetness, we'll be out in Los Angeles to kick start the whole darn thing with our good friends at Golden Saddle Cyclery for a Sunset cruise, party, and a big road ride.

Here's the deets on that!

Mr. Pink Release Party Weekend
Friday the 13th: Sunset Ride to the Blacktop. Ride meets at 3:30pm at GSC. If you can't make it we'll be back at 7pm for a reception!
Saturday the 14th: 60 Mile Road Ride. Meet at Intelligentsia, Silverlake at 8am


Hope your're as excited as we are for the new Mr. Pink.

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