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Audio: (dog barking) Video: “All-City Presents” text is overlaid as we see various decorations in a living room. Audio: (pained groaning) Video: A man wakes up from a nap on the couch. Audio: (fuzzy guitar music) Video: “Quest for the Electric Queen” text overlaid as the man gets up and heads to the bathroom. Audio: (pills shaking) Video: The man takes medication stored in the bathroom cabinet, which we see is expired. Audio: (psychedelic music) Video: He then proceeds to see distorted visions of himself in the mirror before grabbing his helmet and heading out for a bike ride. Audio: (fuzzy guitar music) Video: To his surprise, he finds a new bike in his backyard. Audio: Electric Queen, “Greetings, warrior. I am the Electric Queen. You have been chosen. But first you must prove you are worthy. Find the sage in the park with the powdered horn. Only the raddest riders may take their place in my council. Your destiny awaits.” Video: As he stares at the bike, he sees a vision of the Electric Queen. Audio: (hardcore rock music) Video: “Meet the Sage” text is overlaid on blank background. Audio: (tires skidding) Video: The man rides his bike throughout the city, jumping and whipping the bike around as he goes, and stops abruptly as he arrives at a pavilion where the sage is sitting. Audio: (new age music) Video: We see the sage in a meditative state. Then the sage abruptly addresses the man. Audio: Sage, “Voyager! I can see by your sick moves that you must be a member of the Fellowship of Fat Tire. Tell me, whom do you serve?” Man, “I desire to serve the mother of shred, the deity of dirt, the sovereign of single track, the Electric Queen!” Sage, “Then through the trails of bandits you must ride. Find the Keeper of Stoke. Be warned, the journey is fraught with peril.” Audio: (hardcore rock music) Video: “Find the Keeper of Stoke” text is overlaid on blank background. Audio: (mysterious music) Video: The man bikes through a set of wooded trails, playfully maneuvering the bike, before arriving at an opening overlooking a river where another man sits. Audio: (gong ringing) Video: The man is revealed to be smoking a hookah pipe and wearing a hotdog costume. Audio: Man, “Are you the keeper of stoke?” Unknown man, “Nah, dog. I’m just a grown-ass man in a hot dog suit sitting on a rock ledge. Why, do I look stoked?” Man, “Well…” Unknown man (now Keeper of Stoke), “Just kidding, I’m incredibly stoked, for these trails are sick and highly shreddable. Your shredding seems strong and you mastered these bootleg trails but the bombs are through your final challenge. You will need this to pass the gatekeeper.” Video: After revealing his identity, the Keeper of Stoke pulls out a chocolate donut on a necklace. Audio: (chimes shimmering) (mysterious music) Video: The necklace is bestowed upon the man’s neck. Audio: (hardcore rock music) Video: “Pass the Gatekeeper” text is overlaid on a blank background. Audio: (tires skidding) Video: The man rounds a corner and quickly stops. Audio: (dramatic music) Video: He sees the Gatekeeper, dressed in a cape and carrying a sword. Audio: Gatekeeper, “I am the gatekeeper, none shall pass!” Man, “But I must pass. I seek the Electric Queen.” Gatekeeper, “First you must defeat me in a trial by combat. Wait, is that a chocolate donut?” Video: The Gatekeeper confronts the man and raises her sword, but her demeanor changes when she sees his donut. Audio: (chimes shimmering) Video: The man hands over the donut. Audio: Gatekeeper, “Okay then, have fun.” Video: The Gatekeeper stands by, looking lovingly at the donut, as the man passes. Audio: (hardcore rock music) Video: “Prove You Are Worthy” text is overlaid on a blank background. Audio: (screaming) Video: The man continues riding aggressively through a wooded track, passing a “Drop” warning sign before making a big jump through the air. The screen goes dark. Audio: (bicycle tire spinning) Video: We see the man sprawled out on the ground, with his bike tire still spinning. Audio: Electric Queen, “The secrets of true success reveal themselves in failure. Your body may be broken, but your heart remains unbowed. Even in despair, the Electric Queen will not abandon her loyal followers. Tomorrow we ride again.” (maniacally laughing) Video: While we watch the man laying down from above, we see a vision of the Electric Queen. Audio: (dog barking) Video: We are back in the living room we started in, with the man again waking up on the couch. Audio: (light rock music) Video: This time, two friends are sitting at his table, who we recognize as the Keeper of Stoke and the Gatekeeper. Audio: Keeper of Stoke (now Friend 1), “Morning, little buddy. How you feeling? You were on one last night.” Man, “Yeah, man. I had the craziest dream last night.” Gatekeeper (now Friend 2), “You want a chocolate donut?” Sage (now Friend 3), “Sup, brother?” Video: Conversation ensues with the two friends at the table. The man gets up, hands off his dog, who is wearing a hot dog costume, to Friend 1 and heads into the kitchen, where we see that another friend, who was the Sage, is doing dishes. Audio: (wind blowing) Video: Man steps outside and grins as he looks into his backyard where he saw the bike in his “dream.” Audio: (hardcore rock music) Video: The bike he rode in his “dream” is still there! Sparks fly off it as he marvels. “The Electric Queen, The Ultimate Shred-Anything Hard Tail, Find it at your local All-City dealer, 27.5+ and loving it” is overlaid on a blank background. Credits share “Seth Peterson – Himself, Saisha Harris – The Electric Queen, Al Morris – The Sage, Benjamin ‘SK’ Davies – The Keeper of Stoke, Lilah Guertin – The Gate Keeper, Baroo – Hot Dog, Brendan Lauer – Filming & Editing, Ethan Houser – Original Composition & Sound Design, Saisha Harris – Creative Director, Jeff Frane – Script, Kristen Blekum – Project Manager; All-City does not condone taking expired meds. The actors in this film are not professionals. The rider in the video is a professional. Do not try to mimic his epic skills. The End.”

  • “All-City” text appears on footage of city bridge, followed by a closeup shot of feet pedaling a bike. Then, the screen shows a quick montage of bike maintenance and locking systems which is followed by Kierstyn holding her bike over her shoulder and city noises evolving to music. Kierstyn is laughing and riding through Tampa streets with scenes of various landscapes. Kierstyn carries her bike down a flight of stairs followed by more scenes of city riding. A quick snapshot and zoom of her standing next to a tall person are followed by film-toned montages of birds flying through the sky. Kierstyn is back on the bike with another rider as they diverge paths. “Go Fast” appears on the screen. Kierstyn is riding under a bridge and then standing over her bike in a field. More scenes of riding on paved streets are followed by a mirrored shot of Kierstyn riding towards herself. Clips of trees and skies are sequenced between Kierstyn riding. A clip of Kierstyn balancing on her bike is followed by her jumping over a wall and being handed her bike. She is riding atop a parking lot with special effects overlaying her riding as it fades to a city skyline. Scenes of nighttime riding with a group of people include Kierstyn chatting and hugging another person. A series of shots include people smiling at the camera with their bikes and group riding at night. A dog in a basket can be seen in the next scene. Riders are smiling as they cheer on each other and Kierstyn smiles at the camera. The video ends with Kierstyn atop a higher surface holding her bike over her shoulder and smiling at the camera. “All-City” with dramatic overlay appears onscreen. Music wraps up.

    All-City x Your City - Tampa

  • Audio: (mellow music) Video: “All-City” text appears onscreen, followed by “Gorilla Monsoon.” A bike spins into view, transitioning between 2 model colors as it does so. The bike’s saddle rises to a height several inches higher than before, and the thick back tire is highlighted with room to spare. “Root Beer Fade” text is shown with the corresponding colored bike alongside, and then “Pineapple Sundae” text is shown similarly near the bike of its color. Next, a cartoon woman is shown biking in the desert, through a bison-filled plain, and amongst mountains. Audio: (mellow music continues) Video: A sticker on the bike frame with “All-City 612 Select” text is highlighted to showcase the material used. The thick front tire and boxy fork are shown. The cartoon woman is again biking down a steep incline. Lastly, bikes in both colors are presented alongside each other before the following text appears: “Learn more at”.

    Gorilla Monsoon

  • Audio: (dreamy music) Video: Various parts of a bike are zoomed in on, creating suspense. Audio: Attention, Team Space Horse. Video: “Space Horse” text illuminates a bike from behind. Audio: It’s time to hit the city streets, wide open for the taking. Video: A cityscape is shown from the side and then from above. Audio: Time to blaze a trail from the boulevards of busted concrete, to the bumpy back country gravel, to the secret scenic route along the river. Video: A rough-textured neighborhood street, a dirt road in the countryside, and a backroad alongside a river are shown. Audio: It’s time to discover the empty spaces, and the fill them with thrills, with fast sprints, and long memorable miles. Video: Tire tracks through a prairie, sparklers and fireworks, a wooded road, and a single path through a desert landscape are shown. Audio: With epic views and style to match. It’s time to find your outer limits and blow past ‘em. Video: The camera shows stars through treetops at night before transitioning to a cropped image of a shiny Space Horse head badge and top tube on a blurred background. Then, a pocked street sign with text “End”, a field full of galloping, wild horses, and a beautiful Dusty Rose Space Horse bike in a railyard are shown. Audio: From this galaxy to the next. The All-City Space Horse. Take the reins. Video: The scene lifts to a view of earth from space with stars in the distance, and a rocket is seen taking off into the atmosphere.

    Space Horse

  • Audio: (upbeat funk music) Video: Large text “All-City Presents Super Professional” appears and quickly fades. In an urban alleyway, a woman disguised as a man in a floral short-sleeve buttoned shirt is running with a briefcase in hand. Another man in farcical business attire rounds a corner, and it becomes clear that he is chasing her. The woman jumps on a bike and leaves the scene, causing the man to steal a bike from a bystander to continue his pursuit. A chase ensues through streets, parks, and other areas of the city. The man is visualized yelling “Stop!!!” but the woman refuses to give up. While biking down another alley, the pursuer is pushed by a bystander (coincidentally, the person he originally stole the bike from) into a pile of boxes, and he shakes his fist as the woman gets away. The woman arrives safely at a Bike Shop, and the screen widens, preparing us for a pivotal scene. She puts the briefcase on the counter in front of the store owner, who is smoking a cigarette. When the store owner opens the briefcase, we see a bright glow illuminate his face and swirling cigarette smoke. He is amazed by what he sees! Inside the briefcase is a bike part called “The Master Dropout” (renamed the “2 in 1 Dropout”). Just as this happens, the pursuing man arrives, out of breath, at the shop. Audio: (goofy music) Video: The music removes the tension of the previous scene, and we see “The All New, All-City Super Professional” in text on a solid-color backdrop. Next, we see the two models of the bike shown side by side. One is labeled “Singlespeed” and the other “Apex 1”, and both differ in color. The rear hub is shown with the part from the briefcase, which “With The Master Dropout” text confirms. Additional “Run It Singlespeed or Geared” text is shown as each model is transitioned in and out of view, and the All-City logo ends the scene.

    Super Professional

  • Audio: (upbeat 80s synth pop music) Video: A woman in a cycling kit kicks open a warehouse door and comes out carrying her bike. Text is overlaid describing the bike as a “Nature Boy A.C.E. Singlespeed Cross Slayer”. Another woman wearing fur looks on through binoculars from the front door of her car. We return to a smoky warehouse, which is made to look like a lab, where a piece of “All-City A.C.E.” tubing is held up and a speed dial is turned to the max. A new man, also in biking attire, is shown with a bike in hand and “Macho King A.C.E. Geared Cross Maniac” text tells us what it is. Audio: (upbeat 80s synth pop music continues) Video: The man begins athletic training in the warehouse, where an individual dressed in a lab coat monitors his progress and checks “Macho” off of a list multiple times. The Nature Boy riding woman cycles on a gravel path and grabs a La Croix beverage out of her trainer’s hand while being timed with a stopwatch, and, in parallel, the Macho King riding man training in the warehouse grabs a water bottle and is timed on a high-tech treadmill. The fur-wearing spy woman uses her car to follow the cycling woman, but she veers off into the woods and successfully alludes the onlooker. Audio: (upbeat 80s synth pop music continues) Video: Both riders complete their training with excitement, one having climbed to the top of a hill, while the other gains enthusiastic approval from the lab workers, juxtaposing their choice of training grounds. As they celebrate their achievements, an All-City logo is overlaid.

    Macho King / Nature Boy

  • Audio: (upbeat rock music) Video: “All-City presents Zig Zag” text appears as two women flash into frame, swiftly riding Zig Zag all-road bikes side by side along various roads and paths in an urban area. Audio: (chill music) Video: The women take a break under an overpass for a snack and friendly, indecipherable chat. Audio: (upbeat rock music) Video: The women return to riding and special attention is paid to their brakes and overall fast speed. The landscape is open farmland with bluffs in the distance. Audio: (chill music) Video: They arrive at a pub in town and share a drink over laughs. Audio: (upbeat rock music) Video: Once again, the women are on their bikes and climbing a steep hill. As they reach the top they stop at a vista overlooking the town of Redwing, MN. “Zig Zag” text and an All-City logo is shown as the camera pans over the town from above.

    Zig Zag

  • Audio: (upbeat rock music) Video: “All-City Presents Electric Queen Down Under” text is shown in front a sunset backdrop and disappears as a man riding on a dirt track jumps into view. The man continues to ride aggressively throughout the track while jumping, cornering, and biking downhill over rocky terrain. Kangaroos bounce away while the man rides past, then the camera pans out to view an Australian landscape. Text overlay says “Arriving Soon At Fine Bike Shops Everywhere”. Credits share “Thanks To Ryan Walsch – Stunt Rider, Nick Waygood – Camera Wizard” and we see the All-City logo.

    Electric Queen Down Under