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Two black All-City Go-Devil Front hub on log background

Hubs typically seem to fall into two general categories: light and very expensive or heavy and cheap. With this typical bike industry paradigm, we saw an opportunity. You see, for years we've been using high-end geared hubs from the manufacturer of our track offerings on our personal bikes. They are very lightweight (peep the specs) and just plain work. We decided to finally make those hubs available to you and corner the market in our own category: lightweight, affordable, and incredibly practical.

We've ridden them on all kinds of bikes from the Electric Queen to the Mr. Pink and we're in love. They are reliable, crazy light (60 flipping grams!) and very reasonably priced.

Rim brake hubs include quick release end caps and skewer.

On all models we spec high-quality made in Japan stainless-steel sealed bearings.

Oh, and we've got polished options as well. Kind of a big deal because polished hubs have become a rarity.

Weight + 60g
Non-Drive Side Center to Flange + 32mm
Drive Side Center to Flange + 32mm
Non-Drive Side Flange Diameter + 30mm
Drive Side Flange Diameter + 30mm

MSRP $70

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