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Once more we teamed up with Woolistic to bring you another limited edition wool piece.  The 2013 short sleeve features a simple and classic black with blue accent motif.  It's got nice detailing on the cuffs, and the AC shield on the middle pocket. 

Why wool?  For summer heat, winter's cold, rain's wet, or multi day trips, nothing beats a classic Merino wool jersey.  They somehow manage to breathe well in the warm temps, trap heat when it's cold, and are the only thing that will keep providing warmth when thoroughly soaked from a downpour.  Not to mention the fact that they don't go nuclear with stink after a long day in the saddle the way synthetics tend to do. 

They definitely cost a bit more, but we feel that they're a necessity in any rider's clothing collection. These Woolistic Merino beauties are prime specimens of the breed, and we are proud to bring them to you. 


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Limted Edition

Made by Woolistic

Merino Wool

Three Back Pockets

Part Numbers

Part Number Color Size Fit  
JT4748 Black Small Men's Short
JT4749 Black Medium Men's Short
JT4750 Black Large Men's Short
JT4751 Black X-Large Men's Short

The Greatest Space Horse Photo Ever!!!

April 18, 2014 | Jeff


And here for your enjoyment is what we believe to be the single greatest photo ever taken of a Space Horse. It was shot by our friend Tom Robertson.

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