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The Nice Hat is made in Italy, and you can ask anyone. If it's made in Italy it must be good.  Campy, De Rosa, Colnago, and now these lovelies.

The All-City Cityscape logo on the sides, "All-City" in our standard font on the top of the brim and "nice." in my personal favorite font of Cooper Black on the underside.

In case you’re wondering about the “nice.” thing, there are two reasons for it:

1. We just think it’s fun to be able to flip up your cap and have it say something silly, imagine the moment when half-in-the-bag you're able to flip up the brim as the exclamation to whatever it is that's going on.  Believe me at some point in your life it’s gonna come in handy.

2. It’s a play on the midwestern expression “Minnesota Nice”.  I spoke with several Minnesotans and we couldn’t come up with a very articulate explanation for the phrase, so I’ll leave it up to Wikipedia: Minnesota Nice. 


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One Size Fits Most

Made in Italy

Part Numbers

Part Number Color Size Fit  
CL2056 Black / Green One Size

The Nature Boy 853 is Real and Coming this Fall

August 27, 2014 | Jeff


Yes, it's real, and it's stunning. The wait will soon be over for those of you hoping that we would apply some Macho King magic to our beloved single speed disc platform.

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