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Hey Free Patch! Introducing the Tiny Hat Society


Hey Free Patch! Introducing the Tiny Hat Society

We'd like to introduce you to our All-City owners group: The Tiny Hat Society.

We wanted to make an official arm of A.C. dedicated to celebrating the riders who make doing this worthwhile. Clubs are cool, having a posse is cool.THS is our clique, our crew, our posse. If you're down with AC, we're down with you.

We'll be making a series of patches, caps, shirts, etc to celebrate rides, events, achievements, and the All-City owners who make our little brand possible.

The Name: There is a brewery in South Minneapolis where if you're a member of the cylcing community no matter when you show up, it's almost guaranteed that a few of your friends are already there. It's the spot to be. One of the bartenders, who previously had not interacted much with cyclists, started using “tiny hats” as a group reference. As in “oh, you're one of the tiny hats.” We thought this was hilarious, so we ran with it.

Because this project aims to celebrate you, the AC owner, the inaugural patch will be sent to you free by us. It's our thanks to you for supporting.

You obtain this patch by filling out the Bike Registration form in the footer of the website. Just scroll down and there it is. We aren't sending these to every John, Nick, and Mary, it's an owners group, and to get in on this exclusive first offering you need to register your bike as proof of ownership. Our crack crew of customer service pros will then mail you out a THS badge.

This offer applies only to U.S. residents. Unfortunately sending things Intl. involves quite a bit of hassle and expense so we're starting with our home base of the States. Sorry about that, but we need to pull this off domestically before we go over committing ourselves.

So register your bike, make it all official, and please send us pics when you get your patch sewn onto something cool.

Patches made in U.S.A. by Falls Creek Outfitters.




June 23, 2017

I proudly own two and love them. Happy to be a member of the Tiny Hat Society!

Joel Pollock

Joel Pollock

June 23, 2017

I LOVE my Spacehorse!
Thank you for such a perfect frameset for me.
And I love the guys at Cycleast in Austin Texas for building my dream bike.

His name is AstroClyde.



June 24, 2017

Woo! Just got my Space Horse and L O V E it. May have registered twice though, there was an error with the form.

Zahra Ebrahim

Zahra Ebrahim

June 25, 2017

Hey Jeff!

My friend and I just bought space horses and shortly after buying them did a 220 km ride (our first big ride) for the Ride to Conquer Cancer - raising money for cancer research!

We REALLY want the tiny hat patches and it just so happens that we will be in Minneapolis for the week. Any chance we could get two while we’re in town? (We are Canadians and know you don’t send outside of the US right now)




July 24, 2017

Any chance you can send one out the UK. Happy to pay for the postage.

Proud owner of a 2016 Mr. Pink build.

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