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Pat Goretraill wears red shirt and black hat while looking into the camera and drinking from a white mug

Pat Goretraill


Pat Goretraill

Global Sales Manager

I grew up watching my parents race MTBs up and down the East Coast on the weekends in the early 90s. During the week I helped out at my Dad’s bike shop learning all I could about cycling. I worked at my Dad’s shop in the summers until I eventually dropped out of college to manage his second location. From there, I started working as a Territory Manager for QBP in my early 20’s until finally moving to MN and taking the role of All-City Sales Manager. I enjoy riding to work, MTB’ing when I can, and occasionally racing. Bikes for me are a way to get places, interact with friends, experience the outdoors, and continue to compete.

Thanks for reading, hope to ride with you soon.