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Lauren Rothering rests hands and head on a bucket of food while smiling

Lauren Rothering


Lauren Rothering

Marketing Manager

In my late twenties, I moved to the Twin Cities and fell in love with a mullet-ed truck driver who didn’t have a bed frame or a shower curtain, but instead a studio apartment full of bikes. He would wax poetic about geometry or tire size, and I couldn’t figure out what all the fuss what about. I wasn’t yet bitten by the bike bug, and naively thought my cheap fitness bike was just fine, thanks. Now I’m engaged to that truck driver, own my very own Space Horse, and know that I was dead wrong.

Throughout my career, I’ve always chased authenticity and those who embody it, working with sled dog mushers, lumberjacks, and some of the best podcasters in the business. Through it all, I found a love and appreciation for the underdog, the rebel, those who go their own way with a distinctive sense of self. All-City is a brand built for those trailblazin’ souls, and I’m honored to make a living telling those stories.