Nikki Munvez

Nikki Munvez


Nikki Munvez


Name: Nikki Munvez
City: Minneapolis
Company: Rock-it & Taco Cat
Bike Setup: Big Block, Mr. Pink


I was a real lucky kid, raised by the best-dad-ever just north of Chicago in the kinda town where everyone gets a shiny new car for their 16th birthday. I was into it at first, but became increasingly concerned with the environment and ended up being one of, I dunno, maybe three seniors lockin’ up at the high school bike rack. When I got my first courier job in ‘07, I didn’t even know what a courier was. I met a girl who said she could get me work riding my bike, my mind was totally blown that it was actually a real thing. I enjoyed the new job so much, I was like, “YOLO” and I dropped outta art school to do it full time. Sixish months later I YOLO’d again and did a real dumb Pacific Coast cycling tour on my track bike, no panniers, no bike shoes, no chamois, no helmet, no garmin, (no masters). I came home and won my first alleycat. Time flies when you’re YOLOing, and eight years later I’m still makin’ all my money riding my bike in the Midwest, and still spending every penny of it to go ride and race bikes everywhere else.


1st female / 4th overall Cuttin Crew Classic Chicago

1st to the fonz statue, Milwaukee Messenger Invitational, Milwaukee
Spirit award, VeloCity, Kenosha
7th B category/12th overall, Riverwest24, Milwaukee
5th Sadie Hawkins, Chicago

10th B category/10th overall, Riverwest24, Milwaukee
1st Sadie Hawkins, Chicago ← the time I lead Erin Young to his first victory and he didn’t even thank me in his AllCity bio

1st female/3rd overall Polcat, Chicago
PROM QUEEN, Cycle Messenger World Championship/Chicago Messenger Prom, Chicago
1st female/4th overall, Cthulhu Invitational Halloween Alleycat, Cleveland
3rd Sadie Hawkins Race, Chicago
Longest female kegstand/3rd longest kegstand overall, House Party Cat, Minneapolis

1st fixed gear/2nd female/10th overall, Cuttin Crew Classic, Chicago
2nd, Edge Of The World CX, NEOCX Cleveland
3rd, Brooklyn CX, NEOCX Cleveland
2nd, Hill Yeah CX, NEOCX Cleveland
1st Sadie Hawkins, Chicago
2nd, Ohio CX State Championships, Cleveland
2nd, Urban CX, NEOCX Cleveland
2nd, NEOCX 2013 Series Overall, Cleveland

1st female stupor/8th overall stupor, Stupor Bowl 17, Minneapolis
1st female/8th overall(?), BBQ Cat, Chicago
1st female team/5th overall, Powderhorn 24 Minneapolis
1st female/4th overall, Cuttin Crew Classic Chicago
1st female/1st female fixed, La Course Des Morts, Montreal

4th Woman, 29th Overall Cycle Messenger World Championships, Australia
1st Overall, May Day Scavenger Hunt, Toronto
1st Fixed Women’s, All City Championships, Minneapolis
2nd Place, Babes in Bikeland, Minneapolis
1st Women’s, 7th Overall, House Party Cat Chicago

1st Stupor Women’s, Stupor Bowl 19

1st Stupor, Stupor Bowl 20