Fred Marshall

Fred Marshall

Fred Marshall

Seattle, WA

Name: Fred Marshall
City: Seattle
Company: ABC Legal

I was born to an East coast mother and raised on the West. I pride myself on possessing a cool demeanor and a sharp tongue. I started racing bmx bikes around 10 years of age, and got into road bikes around the time all my friends were buying cars and becoming broke. I decided I would rather ride my bike to a punk show than own a car and sit at home broke and bored. It all kind of a snowball from there: I rode down the West coast, started doing alley cats and just tried to be on my bike as much as possible. When I got back from bike tour all I wanted to do was find a bike centric job, so I started working as a legal courier in Seattle during the summer of 2010. In Seattle I’m a regular fixture at the alleycats, if I’m not racing, there’s a good chance I’m one of the organizers.

Bike Setup: Nature Boy, Thompson stem bars and seat post, Paul retro canti brakes, dura ace 7700 hubs laced to open pros, 5600 Shimano 105 cranks w/ ultegra bb, Chris king head set and a selle Italia seat oh and time mtb pedals of course

Soundtrack: ISIS

Favorite street in the world: Cabrillo HWY through Big Sur


327 Words Prime Time Trial - 3rd
Resurrection Race 3 - 8th
Western Hemlock - 3rd
Core Whore Alleycat - 5th

West Coast Unvitational, Vancouver - 10th
Professor Dave Studio 54 Time Trial - 5th
Resurrection Race 4 - 7th
Dead Baby Long Board Messenger Challenge 15 - 3rd
Core Whore Alleycat - 3rd
Bok Bok Bok Alleycat - 3rd
Austin NACCC - 15th

Resurrection Race 5 - 3rd
Dead Bike Drag - 1st
Redbull Art Attack, Richmond - 1st
Richmond NACCC - 1st overall rad dude
Booze Your Own Adventure - 1st
Down the Rabbit Hole - 1st
Core Whore Alleycat - 1st
Westside Invite, LA - 1st Out of Town, 2nd Overall

Resurrection Race 6 - 1st
Alien Alleycat, Paris - 4th
CMWC Lausanne - Most Professional
Western Hemlock - 1st
Core Whore Alleycat - 1st
Westside Invite, SF - 1st Out of Town, 2nd Overall

Polinator Alleycat - 2nd
III Eagles Alleycat - 3rd
Westside Invite Portland - 8th , Cleanest Paperwork

Banana Cat - 3rd
Stupor Bowl - 7th Stupor
CMWC Melbourne - Most Professional 44th over all
Rocky Race - 10th
No Cades Race - 1st
Denver NACCC - 25th
Ill eagles Alley Cat - 3rd

40 Cat - 4th
Snack Attack - 5th
Stupor Bowl - 12th Stupor
Sister City Cat - 3rd
It’s all downhill from here TT - 1st place
Slate Coffee x Chrome Anniversary Alley Cat - 1st
West Side Invite Welcome Alley cat - 3rd
Westside Invite Main Race - 18th
ECMC - Sandbagger
Amazopoly Cat - 1st

Professor Dave Time Trial - 3rd
Illeage’s 420 race - 1st
Hydropolis Alley Cat - 2nd
Emerald City Open - 5th
West Side Invite - 8th
Dead Baby Messenger Challenge - 1st
Core Whore Alley Cat - 2nd
Illeagle5 - 1st