Crys Amador

Crys Amador

Crys Amador

San Juan

Name: Laura Crystal Amador Fuxench
Alias: Crys
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Bike Setup: Big Block
Favorite Street in the World: As long as it has nice views, I’m good


La manada team alleycat - 1st Group (CupeyCrew)
Fijate Alleycat - 1st Female Team

CicloPedal Pista Callejera Alleycat - 1st Female
Fijate Alleycat - 1st Female
Fijate Crit - 2nd Female
CicloCanibal Jack Daniels Poker Run Alleycat - 1st Female
CicloCanibal the corner 1706 Alleycat - 1st Female
IronFixed - 1st Female
PrCrit.1 - Only Female
Cranksgiving - 1st female
Triking 1st Female

CicloCanibal Santurce es Ley team alleycat - 1st Female Team (LasRenegadas)
Ntq Viste el Barrio Team Alleycat - 3rd Team (LaFamilia)
Triking 1st Female
Vuelta Fija

Fijate Alleycat - 1st Female
Triking 1st Female

Shout outs: Thanks All-city, Ciclo Pedal Shop, TresPalmas SurfShop, friends & family, man. You’re awesome!