Austin Horse

Austin Horse

Austin Horse

New York City

Name: Austin Horse
Alias: Not much of one if I tell you, is it?
City: NYC
Company: Mess Kollective
Bike Setup: Mr. Pink with Dura Ace 7800, Thunderdome
Soundtrack: The Clash, Replacements, & bands my friends are in
Favorite Street in the World: The one leading home


New York State SSCX champ

New York State SSCX champ
Iron Cross Single Speed

Cycle Messenger World Champion
Gravel Worlds Champion

1st Overall NACCC Minneapolis
1st Overall Cycle Messenger World Championships

1st Overall Cycle Messenger World Championships, Australia
1st Overall European Cycle Messenger Championships
1st Overall North American Cycle Courier Championships

Major Alleycat Wins
CMWC (NYC, Toronto, Warsaw)
Monstertrack (NYC, multiple)
Stuporbowl (Minneapolis, multiple)
Mountain Lion
Rocky Race
Rumble Through the Bronx (Multiple)
Broadway Bombing (Multiple)
Friday the 13th (NYC, multiple)

Shout Outs: Sam Paul is an inspiration- I know no one as tough and generous as her. Beccy Wise is the coolest cat in NYC. John Trujillo is joy personified. Manuel Velez saved my life. Sharky Erik Young is the essence of #messlife.