Allan Shaw

Allan Shaw

Allan Shaw

Anywhere & Everywhere

Name: Allan Shaw

Alias:The Scottish Guy

Company: Los Loosers(Mexico), Novex(Vancouver), Send-It courier(Toronto)

Bio: I grew up in a village in Scotland, but from a young age always had a passion for exploring the bigger world around me. Through my late teens I backpacked around Europe and Asia. At the same time, with the encouragement of a close group of friends in Glasgow, I started riding fixed gear extensively, enthusiastically getting into bikes.

In 2012 I left Scotland with a backpack and a bicycle in a box and started working as a messenger in Vancouver, Canada. Pretty quickly the plan then became to keep riding and keep moving, as long and as far as I can. A life in perpetual motion. In the 4 years since leaving Scotland I have ridden my bike in 14 countries across 4 continents and have worked as a messenger in 6 cities so far, competing in alleycats and championships around the world. Being a messenger has helped me find a way to discover a whole new world, straight from the saddle.

It has been with the support and the kindness of so many amazing friends and family that this journey continues to be possible (and worth it) and with the support of All-City I hope to continue the journey as far as it can go.

Bike Set-up: 9-speed Mr. Pink for road, for work, for touring, for life


NACCC MPLS 17th overall
Bridge Battle YVR alleycat 1st

Mariocat Alleycat 2nd
420 alleycat 1st
Valentine’s Day Massacre 2nd
Melbourne CMWC 16th overall
Sydney CMWC pre-event alleycat 5th
WSI Seattle out of Towners alleycat 1st
WSI poker cat 2nd
Drag race alleycat 2nd
Send-it Courier Family Tree alleycat 2nd
10-9 alleycat New York 1st out of towner
NYC Halloween alleycat 1st out of Towner 6th overall

ANZACCC Auckland 2nd overall
ECMC Copenhagen 17th overall
Route one Stage Race 1st
NACCC NYC out of Towner alleycat 5th
NACCC NYC 4th Male, Most Professional