Last modified: May 30, 2014

Thursday Night Lights, Week II by Marty Wood

Last night was the second week of racing at the NSC Velodrome this season, and the second week of crushing for Team Koochella.  Marty Wood, talented photographer and friend of the show, came along to take some photos.


Tiana "T-Bits" Johnson in the Point-a-Lap.


All-City Global Sales Manager and Resident Break-Dance Virtuoso, Adam crushing it for Second Chance p/b Zubaz.



A candy shot of my personal Koochella Custom Thunderdome.  





Robbie warms up for her Keirin.


Me fighting it out in the Keirin Final.


We set a track record last night.  Twenty women registered to race.  Only a few short of maxing-out the track.



Local treasure "Beautiful Bob" Williams receiving a thank you from the women's intro clinic class.


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