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The Future…

Last night after returning from Denver I made a little post on my personal blog (bikejerks), and I figured that I'd repost it since a lot of what I'm talking about refers to All-City and associates. 

Below is the post

I apologize for the lack of quality blogging the last few months, it feels like it's been ages since I've actually written anything worthwhile or of substance. And the riding's been stale as the post Stupor Bowl winter doldrums have taken their toll on my mind and spirit.

The riding particularly has been frustrating as my back hasn't allowed me to do any for the last six weeks or so. I'm on the mend though and am very much looking forward to tomorrow's commute into work. (you know I'm starving for saddle time, if I use words like looking, forward, and commute in the same sentence)

I just got back from Denver and the trip was pretty great. I was fortunate enough to see some people who are dear to me, and meet some new ones whom I hope become trusted allies.

One of those people whom I was blessed to spend some time with is Tyler from Pearl Velo. Tyler has been an All-City dealer with us since the beginning of the brand, and the path that AC and his shop have taken run in parallels.

As we sat having a beer on Friday evening something that came up in conversation really sparked a sense of optimism in me. The realization that so many of us who came into the industry during the track bike boom have grown and blossomed, found our respective niches, and are set to move the industry in very exciting ways in the coming years.

Every period has it's movers and shakers, and as our generation continues to come into our own, it's on our shoulders to make positive changes for the future. The players are many and too numerous to name, but think about it: your favorite blog, the coolest bike shops in America, the folks behind the brands you identify with, the magazines, we're even starting to come into the manufacturing side of things. Not to mention all the riders from coast to coast.

I am so proud to have so many wonderful brothers and sisters in arms. The previous generation have done what they could, and now the group who has come up in the urban cycling scene have the opportunity to pick up the mantle and run with it. It is our time, and things are only going to get better from here on out.

Shout outs to Tyler, Josh, Eli, Prolls, Kyle, Ty, Woody, Josh K, Bryan, Dan P, Jeremiah, Billy, Sarah, Dan & Emily, Andy, the Rock-It boys, Chas, James, Kevin, Brad and Jeff, etc. (I could go on listing names all day, so apologies if I kept it short and didn't call you out, I hope you know you have my undying love and respect)

So proud of all of you and happy for your success. So many folks pursuing their dreams, so many laying it all on the line for their shot at making a difference. So overwhelmed to be a part of it.

Some folks are natural born world shakers, and this generation of cycling is blessed to have plenty of them.

This is just the beginning.

[End Post]

I'd also like to add, thank you to the All-City dealers, and to the people who ride and support us.  Lately I've taken to referring to the past few years of All-City as the "lean years."  Things are just starting to get really good for us as we've been growing tremendously the past few, and with that growth comes the opportunity to make ever radder and nicer stuff.  We're truly just getting started.

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