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Summer Vacation Photos

I realized that I've been doing a poor job this summer of more personal blog posts, not that you're all on pins and needles or anything wondering what exactly Jeffy has been doing with his summer, but it's always fun for us to share what it is we do in our personal (non AC) lives, so you can get to know us and thus some of the reasons we do what we do and make what we make. We'll confine this post to the last few weeks, after our 2015 street launch at Saddle Drive.

This is my beloved '85 Volkswagon Vanagon, aka The Goose, at a reservoir in Utah where we like to go swimming when we're in town. Prior to the trip I was shattered to find that both of my front wheel wells are rusted through, like pick up the carpet and you're staring at the tire through. My solution was to cut apart a hydro pack bladder put some cardboard in the middle of it and tape it to the wheel wells. It's a temporary fix, but so far so good, while I try to find a homie to cut the rust out and weld in some new metal.

Those legs belong to Trevor from Surly, my roadtrip companion. That's a warm spring in South Dakota near Hot Springs. It was a super dope swimming hole.

IMG_3544 IMG_3580 
Our first view of the Tetons.

After Saddledrive we headed to Jackson, to climb Middle Teton. The last time we were on the mountain we participated in a rescue (getting supplies to a climber who was going to stay with his friends body over night, after she fell to her death), and witnessed 14 folks heli-vacced (sp?) out after being injured in lightning strikes (2 more died). It's a long story, that if you wish can read about on my personal blog.  Anyway, the point is, we had some deeply personal unfinished business with that mountain, and four years on from the first attempt, it was time to get up it.

The view from the tent

Our basecamp was Garnett Canyon, one of my favorite places on this earth.

Waterfall in Garnett Canyon

working our way up the snow fields


heading up the mountain, we brought our ice axes, but definitely should have had cramp-ons as well

myself in a mountaineering pose, All-City Chuey cap represent

our desintation

alpine flowers

At the saddle between Middle and South Teton looking into Idaho

summit portrait of Trevor

IMG_6204 IMG_6205 

going down is a lot more fun

chilling in a hot spring the day after our climb

listening to Darkthrone at a hot spring in the mountains is the best

the Grand

tooth brushing is key to a dirtbag's success
IMG_3645 IMG_6272
waiting for Old Faithful in Yellowstone, because sometimes you need to do the tourist things

And after that I headed up  to Copper Harbor Michigan for Single Speed USA IMG_6327
here are some favorite photos from the weekend in the U.P.

IMG_6338IMG_6375 IMG_6393IMG_6416 IMG_6481IMG_6494IMG_6499IMG_6505IMG_6506IMG_6510IMG_6519

and now, all I'm hoping for is to do this as much as possible until fall and cross season comes: IMG_3518

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