Last modified: November 10, 2010

Stevil Kinevil gets a Nature Boy

We traded blogger extraordinaire Stevil a complete NB in return for some advertising on his site, All Hail the Black Market.  We've been big fans of Steve's blogging since his old gig at Swobo created How to Avoid the Bummer Life, as well as his artwork, and general derelict aesthetic. 
(I'm going to save that one, "Derelict Aesthete" is how I'm going to title myself from now on) 

Anyway he posted up his bike on AHTBM today with some pics, ch ch check it.


He even bled on it a little

He also posted this paragraph:

In more positive news of bikes, and bike related whatnot, Jeff Frane, (who I believe Knucklehead Zito once referred to as 'the biggest fakenger in Minneapolis', until he squared off against the best, and clean smacked the Minnesota nice off of everybody in the 2010 Stuporbowl), got in touch with me a few weeks ago and asked about getting an All City ad on the site.

Just to clarify the story, at pre-reg Zito called me a posenger after I made fun of him for not riding a bike or maybe in retaliation for his comment, I can't remember exactly which order happened.  For those who don't know, Zito is a legendary asshole in these parts but he is also known to be a great friend and to have a heart of gold underneath it all.   He's a midwest cycling institution.  Everyone has a Chris Zito story (and usually they end with the phrase "f'ing Zito!").  Good dude to know, for sure.  Anyway, after the dust settled and I climbed the podium Zito renounced his words and we had this cute little moment.  It was neat. 

end of sidetrack.  end of post.  check out Steve's Blog.  scram.  beat it.

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