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The first our Staff Bio is posted and it belongs to me. You can link to it off of the "About" page. Writing a Bio was a very weird experience.  I didn't know whether to actually put information about my past or something irreverent like:  ride bikes, have fun, eat cake.  Well, in the end I chose accuracy because I thought you might like to actually know a little bit about the people behind the parts.

So yeah, check out the bio.  As for me, I'm going for a ride.  I'm going to smile, and laugh, and giggle and drink beer and get lost.  It's suppose to be over 30 degrees all weekend.  Spring is coming, and my bike is calling.    see ya

Born and raised in the Northwoods of Wisconsin in a small little paper town ('Sconnie for life).  I grew up riding the trails and racing mountain bikes.  At 16 (the age when all your friends stop riding) I was too scared of killing someone to want to drive a car, so I had no choice but to ride. (I did finally get a drivers license at the age of 21).  I continued to ride my mountain bike everywhere, until I moved to Minneapolis after college, started turning wrenches and discovered fixed gears and single speeds. 

I've worked as a bike shop mechanic, a high end bicycle builder (all custom builds), and a suspension repair technician.  My formal education is in the fields of Public Relations and Comparative Studies in Religion.  In 2005 I started throwing alleycat races and a little company called Bike Jerks was born. I needed a reason to throw races and support the bicycle community, and Bike Jerks has been the platform from which I have been able to do that.  It is my creative outlet, time suck, and labor of love.

Along the way I kept getting deeper and deeper into bikes and cycling culture (I never meant for it to happen, but you move to a new town and work at a bike shop, your fellow employees become your friends, pretty soon everyone you hang out with rides, and you never see your friends who don't), and somehow worked my way into the wonderful position of helping to start All-City.  My goals with All-City are to make the coolest stuff possible and to help guide the bike industry in a way that positively serves the riders. 

Sooner or later, track bikes won't be the hip cool thing anymore and the big companies are going to pull out.  It happened to BMX, it happened to skateboarding, and it will happen to us.  My job, as I see it, is to make sure that when that time comes, the riders will still be able to get the parts they need at reasonable prices from a company they are happy to support.

The first part of that statement is easy enough, all we have to do is stick around and put out great  products. 

The second part takes a little more work.  I understand that it's in our culture's nature to be skeptical and cynical about new companies, especially during this boom period where it seems like there are new fixed gear companies popping up every minute.  There is nothing that I can write here to persuade you that I am sincere and earnest in my goals and beliefs, however if you ever have any questions about what we're doing, or why.  Feel free to hit me up and I'll be happy to chat with you about it.   I know that sometimes I get really corny and serious when I start talking about bikes, and community, I can't help it, I'm a huge dork.  I make no apologies for it, and I have no problems letting people know the things that are important to me.

But the bigger picture here is that I am sincere (it takes no courage or character to be a cynic) about what we're doing and honestly hope that this little company can make a positive impact on the riders and industry. 

thanks for checking out All-City, if you see me out and about say hello and introduce yourself.

P.S. Inspite of the grandiose statements that I just made; know that I take neither bikes, nor bicycle culture, nor myself too seriously.  have fun and relax.

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