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Riverwest 24 Recap

This past weekend Josh from Behind Bars and I hopped in the van (now known as the Carmel Starship) and headed down to Milwaukee to hang out with some friends and race in the 24 hours of River West. 

The members of Born with a Moustache were: Boo, Mark, Joshy, and myself.  Josh's dog Pembo also joined us for the trip down and back. 

We were a team of four although teams of up to 6 were allowed and competed in the same category.  Of course I brought down the Big Block, and she revealed herself to be the perfect companion for such an endeavor, although there were times at the end when I was jealous of the dudes rocking gears.  I ended up putting in a fixed century during the race though, and I'm pretty proud of that.
This bike is seriously fast and comfortable.  You may think I'm just shilling for the company who pays my bills, but take one for a ride and you'll see.

The plan all along was to take it easy and drink alot of beer, but at the last minute I decided to take the first shift, donned the pink skinsuit of destiny, and went all "eye-of-the-tiger" on my teammates.  I didn't mean for it to happen, but once I got to the line and eyed up the competition, the switch just got flipped and I was out for blood.  Few things give me greater pleasure than riding faster than other people.  If you ride with me around the city, I'll be the last one in line just cruising around and doing lots of looking.  But as soon as it's a race, I just can't help myself but want to destroy and crush and show what these legs can do. 

Yes, I know that it's disgusting.  I rode slept and farted in that thing for 24 hours

So anyway, I get to the line and we're the 48th team, and they send the riders out in order at 5 second intervals.  I'm jumping out of my skin wanting to represent hard.  By the first checkpoint I'm riding with the leader, but can't pass since I have absolutely no idea where I'm going at this point.  By the third lap I've got a handle on the 5 mile course and when I finished my 5 lap pull our team is in first place by a decent margin.  Representation accomplished, it's time to drink some beer, eat some food, and get ready for my next turn.

Here are some photos from the day:

Mark (service manager at Wheel and Sprocket) and his wife, who put up with us for the whole weekend! I have a picture of them smiling, but like this one much better.

base camp

The tattoo was worth 5 bonus laps, a huge deal, but none of us got one.  (which really hurt our chances of victory)

 Mark's cow tattoo that I promised to show you

this pretty much tells the story of the weekend

The finish- over 300 riders participated

team photo: Boo, Mark, me, Josh.  if you'll notice I'm the only one who wore any color throughout the event.  These dudes are serious black metal types.  Made the pink skinsuit that much better.

The results: Our team rode 71 laps which amounts to 355 miles.  In terms of actual number of laps ridden we were tied for 3rd and beat all the other four man teams.  It was pretty clear midday Saturday which teams had 6 riders, and several of them kept two guys out until the last 8 hours or so to really turn it on with fresh legs.  We didn't do alot of the bonus stops which gave you bonus laps so in the end we were off the race podium, but got the gold on the podium of my heart.  We rode our asses off, had a bunch of fun and met loads of new friends.  I couldn't have asked for a better set of teammates and seeing Boo doing the last few laps with scary intensity (he's a very mellow dude when not in heavy metal mode) was priceless. 

Can't wait for next year.

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