Last modified: June 12, 2009

Random Friday Business

Hello everybody,

It's been an exciting week here at AC.  Our second generation of Big Block proto's have arrived and are being built up and ridden.  I commuted in on my white one today (34 miles round trip) and it's perfect.  No changes will be made to this size, so I'm stoked on that.  Earlier this week my boys Jesse and Mike both knocked out the first fixed gear handrails ever done.  (footage of Jesse coming soon) Which is kind of a big deal if you're into that sort of thing. 

Beyond all that there are a bunch of random pieces of business that I'd like to address, starting now:

Purple hubsets are in stock at QBP Part number HU4751
Get them while they're hot.  MSRP: $110

In other news, our Friends at Fast Folks are having an event next Saturday, June 20th.  If you're in the Austin area, I suggest you check it out

From Natalie at Fast Folks: We are having a race next Saturday called Shop to Shop. The race will start at Fast Folks and everyone will race to No Comply (skate boarding shop) then back to Fast Folks. We will have three bands play, free beer, Trick comp and Race. 

And here are a couple of builds involving AC products from two of our shops

From Superb Bicycle comes this lovely Vigorelli

The homies over at Carytown Bicycle built this lovely Dolan Kadet

And finally Daniel from Gnarcalfixed sent over some pics of his new wheel build and the following text:

I recently purchased a brand new set of Velocity B43 rims to build up 
a set of wheels.  I knew that I needed to also get a quality set of 
hubs to lace to the rims.  After tons of research and comparison, I 
decided to go for your high-flange track hub set.  I built up the 
wheels about three weeks ago and I must say that I was (and still am) 
extremely happy with my decision.  This was honestly one of the 
strongest/coolest/most true set of wheels that I have ever had the 
opportunity to build.  I just want to send some props your way for 
creating an awesome looking, great performing, and fairly priced track 

Thanks for the props Daniel (hope you don't mind me posting  your note.

And with that I am gone, I'll see some of you tonight at the Nature Valley GP in Uptwon tonight.  Woot!


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