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Random Friday- Races-Bikes-Cranks


Happy Friday everybody, and here for your enjoyment is some random Friday business.

First up are some races that All-City is proud to sponsor this summer.

Our homies in Seattle are planning a huge Future Tense for July and the fine folks from Vimby will be on hand to film the whole beautiful mess.

We are also proud to let you know that we're also sponsoring Rocky 7 in Philly later this summer

And finally on this nice MN friday are some pics of the boss lady's (Lisa: Brand Manager, MTB biker, climber, city rider, farmer's market enthusiast) bike all built up.

This is a special one off 49cm with black tips on white

She reports that it handles bar runs with aplomb, and hopefully I can talk her into writing a full report for you soon.

And before I go I'd also like to take a second and make a big shout out to our friends at Profile Racing for hooking me up with some cranks that will eventually find their way onto my All-City proto trick frame (not the frame pictured) which you can all see (in person or pics) at Interbike.  (don't worry, I'm sure you'll actually see it way before then)

I'm doing some first hand testing to see how using BMX cranks with a wider Q factor effects my riding. 
To the gents at Profile thank you so very much, see you at I-bike.

And with that I am gone for the weekend, going back to Wisco for my niece's high school graduation party. My niece's high school graduation.. weird

Yes, I am definitely getting old.  30 this year. Just the other day at Tricks and Drinks (our weekly trick sesh) I showed up on my new bike with some new bars and stem.  When asked, I reported that it was just some stuff I had lying around, and lil' Bob (the youngest member of the regular crew, age 16) reacted like I must be rich to just have nice parts lying around.  Then I realized something.... of course I have extra parts all over.  I have literally been collecting parts and working as a bike mechanic since before this kid was even born. 

Getting old is weird, but awesome. Although I am not as carefree as I once was, I am way too old for many of life's annoyances that distracted me when I was younger.  I am much more comfortable with myself, and I now have the assistance of experience and wisdom even if the restraint that I admire so much in others still has not showed up to the party. 

And on the wisdom tip, one of the things that I have found comfort in as I grow old are my relationships with other people and that special somebody in particular and here's some free advice from me to you regarding a situation that recently came up in conversation with some friends:

The proper reaction to when you're out at a party or bar and someone is chatting up your special person in a flirtatious way. (this all ties in to the getting older and wiser bit from above) 

The young persons initial reaction is typically jealousy and anger.  The older gentleman or lady however knows a far better response. 
Which is to channel this guy: 
 or Sean Connery circa James Bond; slide over there, give your sweetie a big kiss without acknowlegding the rogue party, then turn around slowly, surprised to find another human being alive on this planet (so wrapped up were you in your kiss that the whole world disappeared in your mind) smile enthusiastically at that person and introduce yourself, hopefully you're having a great time, but if not fake it.  Then once you are all acquainted buy all three of you a shot.  Boom. Problem solved. Now you're all formally acquainted and that rogue party knows that the person they desire is attached to a charming, warm, classy individual, and what shot could they possibly have? 

Dating advice on the AC blog.  Yep. 

Cheers to all of you out there, have a great one this weekend. Be good to yourselves, and each other.

Jeff (Dear Abby)

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