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Out of the Office this Friday: Riverwest 24

 This weekend the second Riverwest 24 takes place in Milwaukee 


Last year I couldn't make it because the All City Championship was held on the same weekend, but this year I'm riding for "Born With a Moustache."  I know it's kind of a "hipster" name for a team, but we've no interest in skinny kids with ironic pencil stache's.  No, the moustache's we're referring to are in the Burt Reynolds, Magnum P.I., your dad, kind of vein.  Full bodied and resplendent.  It's more of a metaphorical thing anyway, since all of us on the team are unapologetic backwoods 'Sconnie kids.

(Mark has the awesomest country tattoo.  It's of cows and a barn and it says Midwest written in logs.  I know from that description that you don't believe it's rad, but I'll take a picture this week and show you the proof)

Speaking of hipsters and moustache's, I'll never forgive the "cool kids" for co-opting flannels or the aforementioned moustache's.  They're not ironic items strategically utilized to impress your friends in faux dive bars with taxidermy on the walls, they're my birthright as a boy from the woods.  As the son of a son of a working poor S.O.B., they're cultural touchstones that for me, will always recall the halcyon days of youth swatting flies and sitting with my father.  My dad wore flannel and a moustache, his dad wore flannel and a moustache, and when I'm in the workshop you can bet your ass I've got one on my shoulders too. (temperature appropriate of course) No moustache though. I don't need any help in being creepy.

Once more speaking on the thorny issue of hipsters; one of the things I hate as a cyclist who rides fixed gears is being lumped in with that crowd. (being lumped in with that crowd implies that you flit along in life happily observing all the current trends immersed in group think.  Which upsets me because how dare you assume that this bike is a passing phase.  This bike (all bikes) is my life)  Just last night I was riding wheelies in the dark streets of my neighborhood, and a girl rides past as says "way to go hipster" in a sarcastic tone. I mean c'mon, have you ever seen me?  I've never been cool in all my life.   This from a girl riding a fixed gear, covered in tattoos, and wearing what appeared to be a very new Chrome bag (talk about pot kettle black, and it's not even pot kettle black, because as I just stated, I am not cool.  And I'm pretty sure you have to be cool to be a hipster)
The best part of the whole hipster thing is that no one wants to admit they're a hipster.  So I don't have to worry about offending anyone reading this, because to be offended would mean that you admit your hipsterism.  And I know you're not going to do that.

But enough of all this stupid junk, back to the race.

I'll be out of the office on Friday to drive down, so all of your All City business and concerns will have to wait until I arrive back on Monday.  I'll make sure to take lots of pictures and spread some AC love around Milwaukee.  If you're down there come look me up and say hello.  I'll be the dude on the white All-City with the huge dumb smile on his face, or depending on the time of day, I might be the guy yelling "screw you mom, I'm not going to school today" as my team mates try to rouse me from an alcohol fueled slumber to go out and ride some laps.

here's a video promo for the race


I'll see you all on Monday.  hugs and kisses

To the Cog, Breakaway, and Ben's Cycle crew you better get ready. Minneapolis is going to rain down hell.  (and by "rain down hell" I mean give you all beers and a handshake) 


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