New Soft Goods

New Soft Goods

   Last modified: September 25, 2014

New Soft Goods

above: Nico and his fuzzy caterpillars model the Fast is Forever Crewneck

We've been in a freeze while the new website was in the finishing stages, and in that time we've had a bunch of new softgoods come into stock. So here now is a blast with all the info you need on what's the current good look from AC.

In support of our favorite cyclocross mantra, we're launching a few products encouraging folks to Keep Cross Weird.

Keep Cross Weird Tye Dye, $29.99


Here Saisha has already decided to customize it to her liking by cutting off the sleeves and enlarging the neck hole for full on party mode.

We of course sell it whole and in stock form it will come to you like this:


And before we go any further, since there's been some debate on the term, here's what it means to us:

Cross isn't suposed to be road racing, it’s meant to be funkier, weirder, and a lot more fun. This is the ethos preached by those in the know for the last twenty years, and one that needs to be instilled in the new generation of cross enthusiasts popping up all over the country. Don’t take yourself or racing too seriously; the community is the thing, and a good time is the ultimate reward. So keep on cross dressing, dishing out beer handups, and partying your asses off. Just remember that weird doesn’t mean disrespectful.

Moving onto some cooler weather items, here is a one two punch of hat and scarf to keep you warm this season.

Sleddin' Scarf, $35


This year's Sleddin' Hat and Sleddin' Scarf come at you with a racing motif of checkers.

Besides protecting ya neck, the scarf doubles as a banner that you can wave around all crazy should the mood strike you.

In case you were wondering what that scarf might look like draped over the front seat of a Volkswagon Van... wonder no more because it looks exactly ike this:


and here it is in a tree with mushrooms...


And the Made in USA hat is just the thing for fall and winter activities where keeping your dome piece warm is paramount.

Sleddin' Hat, $29.99


We've also got a few items that bare our Fast is Forever marque.

This jamming unisexy crewneck.

Fast is Forever Crewneck, $50


Which just so happens to look awesome when paired with a handstand and a dog's b-hole.


And we bring it back home with super flipping exciting Fast is Forever socks.

Fast is Forever Socks, $19.99


We've extolled the virtues of wool socks before, but in case you didn't catch it... they breathe well, keep your feet warm when wet, and most importantly don't make your feet or shoes stink. In All-City land, most of us have completely gutted our wardrobe of all cotton and synthetics and now only ride the wool train.

The new FIF socks are designed to not only look good on the bike, but to basically just look like socks, which means you can where them everyday.

And here they are on a stump behind our office...


So there you go, new All-City gear for fall, get into it.

Most of this stuff is so new that they are not yet up online, so we heavily recommend (as always) that you head to your local bike shop and have them order you in whatever it is you need.

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