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NACCC’s Richmond First Day: Arrival, Redbull Art Attack

This past weekend, I left Minneapolis on Thursday to attend the North American Cycle Courier Championships in Richmond, VA.  For All-City this was a special NACCC's as family member Stu Louder was one of the principle organizers of the event. 

As with all good travels this trip saw me home sunburned, dehydrated, exhausted, content, and wanting to be a better community member and person.  The sunburned/exhausted part needs no explanation, so let me now expound upon the latter mentioned. 

Few things in this world have the power to change an individual more than travel, which is why you should do it as often as possible.  Seeing new places, meeting new people, and having new experiences naturally causes comparison, reflection, and evaluation.  In this case for me, the warmth and generosity of my hosts (thanks again so much) and the courier community present has left me wanting to be: more chill, less of a hater/shit-talker, a better neighbor, a better member of the cycling community, and a better partner to my lady and family.

Everyone we met was spectacular, open, giving, sharing, non judgemental, chill as fuck.  We (AC) were very proud to have been allowed to be a part of the event, and want to send a whole boat load of thanks and good vibes to the city of Richmond.  (I also really want to come back and do some Bandit Cross races this winter)

Here are a few photos from my first day of travels:

my 6:30 am  flight got delayed until 9, but luckily I was couch surfing and had everything I needed to get some sleep in the terminal

inside the Cleveland airport

first stop in Richmond was for donuts

host and race organizer, Stu

offical NACCC 2012 coozie

Big Block build from Florida

outside Gallery 5, an old fire station turned into a venue


Julie, my other host.  She's a roadie, as if you couldn't tell from the tan

upstairs in the art studio, after the Redbull art attack.  Riders had to go and retrieve 6 pieces of photos then come back and assemble them.  I got my butt kicked in the event, but had a great time exploring Richmond.


Philly's Jeff O'neil autographs his photo for a lucky fan

So after arriving, getting donuts, racing the Art Attack, getting drunk, getting the boot, we went down to the river at a place called Pipeline and listend to a blugrass band play on the sand and got more drunk. 

A spectacular start to the weekend.

I'll be posting the play by play for each day of the trip, but if you want to skip ahead and look at the photos, the Flickr Gallery is here.

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