My Nature Boy Disc 853

My Nature Boy Disc 853

   Last modified: November 17, 2014

My Nature Boy Disc 853

I waved goodbye to this sweetheart this week.  My heart is broken.


Meet my prototype Nature Boy Disc 853.  I’ve had her built up since March.  She’s been everywhere with me since. 

We try all sorts of things out in prototype phase… some things make it to production and others don’t.  It’s our chance to get some shit out of our system before we get serious.

This prototype allowed us to get a lot of shit out of our system.

Man, I freaking love color on bikes.  If a bike is boring in concept, it just feels like it doesn’t ride as well as it could. Saisha, All-City Rockstar Art Director and Resident Curator of Mexican Blankets, gets me. 


This is why my personal prototypes are typically fabulous in every sense of the word.  In this prototype, Saisha wanted to try a flat red… a concept that is pretty unheard of within All-City (we like sparkles, historically).  Also, she knows what a fan I am of the Terry Butterfly Team Edition saddles from a few years ago (I have purchased five of them). 

So Saisha had my prototype painted to match that saddle.  Hot damn.  Girl knocked it out of the park.

Also, because this is the first All-City I’ve personally had with a 44mm head tube, I was able to put the Whisky No. 9 Thru-Axle cross fork on it… something I designed for Whisky a few years ago during a slow time for All-City.  Saisha had it painted to match.  It rides gorgeously.  We made other decisions with respect to spec in production.


My little brother made me a mash-up DH/road crank especially for this frame.  It's fantastic.  I dressed it all up with gold.


I love these dropouts in pink.  They look like Faberge eggs.



My favorite 10k gold frame decal. 


I had these stickers made for my favorite people around.  They are on the top tubes of my personal bikes too.  Especially the ones I race.


I miss her like crazy.


If you want to see her in person, I'll be "participating" my face off in Cross Vegas on her.  Come see the spectacle.

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January 5, 2015

Love this bike and hope to pick up the production Nature Boy Disc 853 this spring.

Quick question though, why did y’all decide to go switch over to the QR fork for the production version? (i am a fan of the through axle :) )

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