Last modified: November 21, 2013

Keep Cross Weird Photos Set 2: The Afterparty


So after the shennanigans in the flood plain went off, the motley crew cleaned up, saddled up, and headed out for the Yellow Jacket Social Club on Austin's lovely East side. 

IMG_1428 IMG_1395

those are glowsticks, used to mark the course


this is Kyle, obviously feeling pretty swell off the whiskey (note the mischevious twinkle)


this is John making a cry face after Kyle threw a glowstick and hit him under the eye

still making that face


this is Colin, the men's winner


these are the female winners, the one in blue was the winner winner (I don't actually know their names, because I'm scared to talk to women and I didn't hear the announcement)


this is Gideon and Kyle being wrapped up in course tape by Lauren


this is Lauren, she looks happy, she put up with a whole house that smelled like dude for a week. she is pretty much a saint.

IMG_1476 IMG_1478 IMG_1511

if you can't tell, it was a really really good night!

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November 21, 2013

pretty sure the chicks are Ash and Sammy.

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