Last modified: December 20, 2013

It’s Always Scummy In Philadelphia - Bandit Cross Photos

photo from earlier in the day on the scouting mission

Getting back to coverage of Single Speed Cross Worlds weekend... Here are some photos from a rainy and cold Bandit Cross that we organized in conjunction with Bicycle Revolutions. And when I say "organized in conjunction" I mean Bryan pretty much did all the work while I sat around and drank beer.

The night of the race was rainy and cold, so we only had about 20 racers show up, and when we got to the spot we noticed that a bunch of our course tape had been torn down and there was now a fire built in the middle of the covered piling area.

It was a bunch of local high school kids looking to get shitty on a Friday night, and while they had messed up some of our course prep, the warmth of their  fire and young hearts made up for it. They spent the rest of the night, cheering us on, rolling massive joints of schwag and making crazy pronouncements that blew our minds.

My favorite of which occured as I was bumping Biggie out of my portable speakers. A young man sauntered over, looked me dead in the eye and laid this one on me. "You know, most people like Biggie or they like Tupac, but it doesn't have to be that way man. Me, me. I like Biggie AND Tupac."

Anyhoo, here are some favorites from the night.

P.S. I gotta warn you, the light trails get pretty trippy.


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