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Introducing the Wallner Pro Pedal

One of the products that I'm most excited for this new year is the introduction of our first ground up in house pedal, The Wallner Pro.  The Wallner is named after our good buddy and owner of Breakaway Courier, Wayne Wallner.  Wayne's the raddest dude you know (even if you don't), and his hospitality has been instrumental in building the "sister city" relationship with Milwaukee that we here in Minneapolis have come to enjoy and rely upon. 

The Wallner Pro
protos 002
Sealed Bearings
Ability to use 6mm hex or 15mm pedal wrench
Threaded pedal cages.  Threaded for M4 (bottle cage) bolts - included w/ pedals
Four windows in pedal body large enough to fit our Deluxe Double Toe Straps
Polished Body
Concave footbed
Dual sided

protos 004
Now I'm betting those of you with a keen eye are noticing a resemblance to one of our all-time favorite pedals, the MKS Stream.  The Stream is the slimmer more "track" version of the Sylvan. When we decided that we wanted a true dual sided sealed bearing pedal in the lineup the Stream immediately came to mind as the benchmark.  I have used it for years and been through several pairs.  During my "skidding years" it is pretty much the only pedal I rode because I needed something that would fit double straps but still have good teeth on the other side of the pedal for doing step through and pedal switch tricks. While I loved those pedals the unsealed bearings didn't last long during the Minnesota winters, and as with any product you ride and love, you come up with ideas that you think could improve the design.  Those ideas and experiences formed the basis for the Wallner Pro pedal project. 

protos 008
The first issue we wanted to tackle was the fact that getting toe straps through most pedal bodies (especially thick straps) is a pain in the ass and you often damage the side of the strap.  I know this from years of pulling on straps with pliers to get them through.   With our new pedal body the windows are large enough to push them through easy, but not so large that they're all loosey goosey.  The body is finished in a lovely high polish finish.

protos 005
The cage itself sports a BMX influenced concave, and our own tooth shape.  I own a set of old school Campy quill pedals and one of the features I've always loved is the threaded cages.  I've often wondered why nobody else does that.  You still need a nut on the backside, but they come loose way less often.  Our riding experience tells us it's a good thing, so we did it.  The dual sided aspect means that they can be used with or without toe clips.  I know you might be thinking "Where's the flipper on the back to get in the toe cage?" to which we reply "you don't really need those things."  The cage is "track size," not touring size, just so you're aware.

protos 009

protos 006

These are super solid, sealed bearing, dual sided pedals, with some thoughtful touches.  We are very happy with how they've turned out, and hope that you will be too. They will come in black, silver, red, gold, and white.  We're hoping to see them early next year.  $56 MSRP

Welcome to the family Wallner Pro!

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