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Introducing the Macho Man Disc

This weekend at Frostbike we unleashed the newest edition to our family, a bike you all knew was coming, a disc version of our beloved Macho Man.  Ladies, gentlemen, friends, colleagues.... Here it is.

The real world shots are of my personal ride, while the studio shot above is of the complete build.


You may be asking yourself why?  Why are we doing a disc bike? Are we just following industry trends? Do I really need discs? etc. 

Well, let me put it to you like this.  It depends, it depends on how you ride, where you ride, and what you do with  your bike.  For us, we ride our cross bikes everyday all day.  We ride mtb trails, bum trails, crumbling wooden stair cases, and back alleys.  Ours are not pure race bikes.  Sure we may race them, but they aren't weekend show ponies. 

For the way we live, doing all that stupid sketchy stuff, stronger brakes mean safety, confidence, and consistency.  It doesn't matter the weather, it doesn't matter the terrain, we know how our brakes will function and that they WILL in fact function.

I myself was pretty skeptical.  The frame is heavier due to all the cable guides, the hubs are heavier, the calipers are heavier, at this point in disc brakes for cross there's no getting around that. (In the not to distant future, once hyrdaulics and lighter rims and hubs become available this will improve greatly.)  But for me, all it took was one race and I changed my tune. 

The same day I first built up my proto, I held the first ever Bandit Cross Night Crit.  All it took was that night, the modulation in the corners, beiing able to feather the brakes just so.  I was sold.  One day and I'm a believer.  The Hayes CX-5's that we're speccin'g just feel so damn good.   I know that there are skeptics out there (and we make a great canti Macho for them) but all I'm saying is: keep an open mind and try it yourself. 

Canti's have served us well for years and will continue to do so. They make a ton of sense right now for race scenarios, weight weenies, or traditionalists.  But for a certain segment of cross bike users who ride in the wet, who ride sketchy technical terrain, disc brakes make a lot of sense and will continue to make more sense as more cross-specific disc products come onto the market.

As for the rest of the bike, it's got all of our touches. Fender mounts (the fork pictured is proto without mounts, but rest assured the production model will have fender capability), E.D. coat, braze on reinforcements, our lovely head tube badge, fork crown, seat collar etc.

The geometry is our tried and true cross race platform, while the frame sports a number of new frame parts and changes from the Macho Man. I'll focus more on the new parts in an upcoming post (because I don't have great shots yet), but you can clearly see the new fork dropouts, and internal top tube cable routing on this bad boy.

Unlike our other frames where the cable inlet and outlet are in line, the Macho disc sports a front derailleur route through the non drive side (for better cable routing from the shifter) with an outlet on the drive side. The barrel adjuster from the Macho Man carries over, meaning you don't have to run an in-line adjuster on this bike, and there is still a braze-on for a pulley so you can use a traditional road front der.

detail of the seat tube cluster showing barrel adjuster and cable outlet

Here are some additional photos for  you to check out.


MSRP for the frame is $625, with the complete coming in at $1795. The color is a lovely orange in the spirit of the mighty Bridgestone XO-1 and the bike drops this June. It might not be right for all the (e)racerheads out there, but for those of you who ride gnarly shit on your cross bike, it may be just the thing you're looking for.

Oh yeah, here's a video from the show. We're going multimedia up in this post. 

why didn't anyone tell me my pants were that tight?

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February 25, 2013

Wow, it looks great. One question: does it have a BB30 bottom bracket?

Paul's Bunyan

February 25, 2013

Operators standing buy buy buy?
Where can I get one now?


February 25, 2013

Thankfully, the bottom bracket is threaded.


February 26, 2013

So is there a follow up for the Nature Boy??


February 26, 2013

So approximately how porky is this going to be, let’s say for a 58 cm complete bike?


February 27, 2013

It looks awesome, but I want other color. I already have space horse orange, and I don’t want to mix up.


February 28, 2013

Looks great!


February 28, 2013

612 Chro-mo or Zona?


March 1, 2013

Disc nature boy please


March 2, 2013

It’s porkified with disk brakes for gnarly stuff but it’s sold with Small Block 8’s for hardpack.  Give it some big old knobbies!

That said, I wish I could get that orange in the canti frame.  Loving that space horse orange!


May 1, 2013

What’s the stock BB going to be?


June 12, 2013

THAT is one bitchin’ bike.  Gotta have it.  As for the person commenting about wanting the orange in the canti frame—notice that the frame is properly drilled for that, should the need arise for some old school.  And I believe the need does arise.  Just as The Dude abides, the need does arise.  I shall get one, if I can.


March 15, 2014

Hey I noticed that the fork has some mounts near the bottom, they’re probably meant for fenders but I was wondering if the “Surly Nice Front Rack” can be mounted on this bike with those lower mounts.

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