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   Last modified: June 11, 2014

Introducing the JYD

Well, you all knew this was coming if you've been paying attention to our Facebook, Instagram or Flickr. (If you didn't know it was coming and you want to know about such things, you should pay attention to our Facebook, Instagram and Flickr) This is the JYD...


The JYD was designed to be the ultimate grab and go around town crusher. The canti studs and single speed configuration allow it to be as durable and maintenance free as possible. Remember when you were a kid and had one bike and rode it everywhere? It's like that.

We imagine people raiding their parts bin and coming up with all kinds of configurations and setups to hang on it. Heck, weirdos are already plotting to put drop bars on it even as this is typed. Since receving the prototypes we've built aggressive thrashers like the one pictured, smooth tired cruisers, off road fixed gears, and trailer hauling beasts of burden with it.  

It's a canvas to do whatever the heck you want with.  And now some questions.

Q: What does JYD stand for?
A: JYD stands for Junkyard Dog, it speaks to this bike's origins as something of a mutt, we don't really know what to call it as it sort of crosses multiple categories. 

Q: I see you have BMX cranks on it, is it a big BMX bike?
A; No. It 's not intended for pegs or freestyle. The reason this build has BMX cranks is because Profile cranks are awesome, they allow the use of our now discontinued but super rad Def Star sprocket, and they are what was laying around in the parts bin. While it's not a dirt jumper, or BMX or whatever, it is really fun to rip through alleys, wheelie, throw around, and get all kinds of rad on.  


Q: But it's got gussets.
A: Yeah, this thing is built for getting into and out of shit. It's your new partner in crime and good times.

Q: So it's a mountain bike?
A: Sort of. It does have clearance for a large 29'er tire, but it is not suspension corrected, or in line with really any modern mtb standards. Of course that doesn't mean you can't ride it offroad, we do plenty, and it's awesome.  As a fixed off roader it's especially fun.

Q: What size tire?
A: Well it all depends on the rim choice of course, but we designed it to fit a Schwalbe Big Apple 29 X 2.35. It is pictured with a Michelin 29 X 2.25 (Michelin's tend to run large in our experience) and it pretty much completely fills out the frame. 

Q: What kind of bottom bracket does it have?
A: Standard English, and the rear is 135mm spaced.


Q: Five piece fork huh?
A: Yeah, we know it's trending at the moment, but we are not into unicrowns and this is such a great classic look. We grew up being infatuated with bikes like the Fat Chance Yo Eddy!, so of course we're going to follow our hearts on this one. It looks sick. There are no plans on selling the fork separate at this time, because we don't know what else it will really fit on (420 axle to crown).

Q: Are those fender mounts?
A: Yes they are, as we said, it's a platform to do most anything on, and makes a great winter bike.

Q: What's availability?
A: This September and we are only planning on doing 150 framesets this year. 

Q: What about next year?
A: We'll see, but we make no promises or guarantees, if this is your jam, you better act with the quickness.

Q: How much?
A: $550 for frame and fork

Q: How do I get one.
A: We are currently taking prebooks now, head to your local shop and have them reserve one for you.

For the full scoop, head over to the JYD's bike page.


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June 11, 2014

MUST HAVE THIS! Thanks guys for putting something like this out. Have been looking for something similar for awhile but never have been super happy with the options available. Want a simple take everywhere bike, kinda like a human powered Hummer. Didn’t really want disc brakes which ruled out almost every other bike I was looking at.

Thanks again, will get a pre order in soon. The paint scheme F-ing ROCKS. I think you guys may be making more of these as I think it may be a hit.



June 11, 2014

If I was so perverted I would say I creamed my pants when I saw this! Finally, Finally, Finally…a RIGID CORRECTED 29’er! I hate modern mountain bikes and do not want to spend custom money. By the way AC quality rivals many so called “hand built” frames I have my hands over the years. Soon I will have to add a third AC to my stable, and maybe it will take off and there will be a geared disc version and I’ll have to add a forth…
Thanks, Tito


June 12, 2014

That fork is a work of art!


June 12, 2014

It won’t fit Hookworms…nooooooo!

Ok, it’s still pretty rad.


June 14, 2014

why no disc tabs for ultimate build options?  I’m a believer in cantis, but for riding in wet or mud nothing beats a disc.  I could see the JYD built with just a front or rear disc.  I rode my canti equipped gunnar in the rain yesterday.  Stopping power almost nil.  Love the idea of the JYD.  Looks like a ton of fun


June 15, 2014

Any idea on the approximate weight?

Johnny Doe

June 16, 2014

Perfect replacement for my Dropout when the time comes.


June 16, 2014

So, this is a bit of an unrelated question, but I when I read that your sprocket was discontinued I went to go check up on your other freestyle stuff and saw that both the Def Wish and Airwolf had been archived.  Are those frames discontinued now too?


June 21, 2014

Is that medium size frame on the pictures?


June 22, 2014

Well, well….what wheels…

are on the Black n’ Blue??

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