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Introducing the Def Wish

After months of work and ride testing, we are proud to announce our new 700c FGFS frame, the Def Wish.  It's got a mid BB, 14mm dropouts, 45/45 internal headset, no u-brake mounts, and improved geometry.  We've also redesigned the headtube, gussets, rear end, and given it larger overall tubing diameters.  The crown jewel of this beast though, is that it fits a 29'er tire slammed without the need for dramatic dimples on the chainstays. 

Let me run down the details for you.  Walk with me.


Last year we released the Dropout, and while it was an amazing all arounder and solid freestyle bike, by the time it appeared the fgfs world had moved on from the 38c tires that it was designed around.  We took the success' of the Dropout platform, namely the geo which we felt was the best out there, as a starting point for this new 700c frame. 


We've increased the BB height which has made the bike more fun and easier to do pretty much everything on;  the Def Wish hops, nose manuals, and wheelies much more intuitively than it's predecessor, but the BB isn't so high that the bike is terrible to ride around on and use for transportation.  For us, the allure of 700c freestyle has always been that you can ride it anywhere and get stupid rad on it.  We do plan on doing a 26" version that will be fully double peg compatible for those who are only concerned with trickability. 

The gussets at the top and down tube have been reworked and optimized, the headtube has a new shape, it's got more standover and better barspin clearance (a nice trick given the increased tire size), and will come with 14mm dropouts that are perfect for our forthcoming true 14mm hubs.  (the photographed bike has the standard 10mm rear dropouts)  The frame will come with spacers for those running standard 10mm axles.  And yes, I'm using the term frame, because riders spoke out and asked us to split up the frame and forks, and we were happy to oblige your wishes. 

The big deal though has got to be the redesigned bottom bracket chainstay juncture.
AdamsDOV2 016

Bottom line: a dimpled tube just isn't going to be as strong as a fully round tube.  With this in mind we designed around using an inside stay tire clearance dimple. The Def Wish fits a 29X2.0 tire slammed in the dropouts and without sacrificing rear end strength.  Kind of a big deal if you've dealt with the frustration of a bent rear end. 

So yeah,
14mm dropouts, 29'er tires, a stronger frame, a way stronger rear end, more standover clearance, mid BB, and it does everything better in terms of freestyle than the bike that came before it.  We are unbelievably proud of this bike and are super excited for you to ride the hell out of it. 

We've had the protos since September, so I thought I'd share with you some of our builds.

This is my personal bike w/ AC proto Def Star sprocket and proto AC bars (more info on the sprocket soon)

This is Chris Clappe's personal ride, before he stripped the powder off
Picture 33

And this is Chris getting after it on his Def Wish

Chris Clappe' for All-City from chris clappe on Vimeo.

The Def Wish frame will be available in March, and we expect the frame to retail for around $360.  More details to come.
 Keep on the lookout for more freestyle offerings from All-City, we are going big this year.

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