Introducing the Big Gulp Summer Weight Kit

Introducing the Big Gulp Summer Weight Kit

   Last modified: May 20, 2015

Introducing the Big Gulp Summer Weight Kit

All photos by John Watson, unless noted. Model: Kyle Kelley, owner of Golden Saddle Cycles

We're stoked to start making a big push with our new kit the "Big Gulp." This time we've got two big reasons to celebrate: one is the fact that Saisha again killed the design, this time with a sweet homage to the iconic 7-11 jerseys of the 1980's, and secondly this is our first kit with our new supplier Pactimo. With the new manufacturer, we've taken a big step up in materials, especially in the chamois.

Like all of our "kits" the Big Gulp consists of four pieces: jersey, bibs, socks, and cap. 

Jersey MSRP $89

The Big Gulp jersey features Pactimo's Quatro-Lite fabric in the body for its ultra-soft, CoolDry, lightweight properties, and a Zero-weight, breathable, stretch mesh in the side panels to provide flexibility and reduce body heat. While you can certainly wear this jersey all year, you'll find that it really shines when the mercury rises and it turns hot and muggy.

As shown in the below photo the side panel mesh panel features our Fast is Forever script.


While the front panel, features our Cutter's font All-City logo with the shield as an accent All-City_JYDoggin-47

Jerseys come in both Men's and Women's cuts.

Big Gulp Bibs $119
While the new jersey fabrics are great and all, the part of the kit we're most excited about is the chamois in the Pactimo Ascent Bib. It is simply the most comfortable one we've yet tried and are a huge step up in quality from our previous offerings.

The design here is understated, and is intended to be able to be used with other pieces of All-City kit that you may own. It looks especially nice, for example, when paired with our blue/black wool offerings. 

Big Gulp Socks $16

Even though our good buddy Kyle didn't have a set on hand for his big photo shoot, if you want to be pro, you've got to complete the look with a pair of socks. These high tech gym socks are made from Sock Guy's SGX fabric which is crazy lightweight and breathable for those warm summer days. While we typically go wool with our socks, this year we wanted to do something that would work great for our friends in the warmer climates and for ourselves during the approximately 1.5 months of summer we experience each year. 

Also, as you can see from the below picture, the Big Gulp socks not only go with the new jersey and bibs, but they also might match your other clothes or bike perfecty as demonstrated by Christina Peck at the Cycle Messenger World Championships in Australia.

CMWC 2015
photo: Chris Dilts

Big Gulp Cap $20

Because you can't have a sundae without the cherry on top, don't forget about the crowning piece. As always, these are made in Italy by our friends at Nalini and totally rule.  


So there  you have it, the latest and greatest in stretchy bicycle riding apparel from your friends at All-City. All of these pieces are available now, and if you're local shop doesn't have them, ask them to order some up.

High Five!!!
Photo: Chris Dilts

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May 24, 2015

I know it’s all about supporting the LBS.  Believe me, I do.  But, they don’t carry your merchandise.  It’s a pain explaining to them what I want, wait on them to order it, what on it to be delivered.  Just get over it and peddle this stuff on your website.  Thanks!

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